An staff speaks up about BLACKPINK Jennie’s indoor smoking controversy

Jennie smokes indoors, the staff member said, “This is not a non-smoking area, she kept apologizing”

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A staff who had been on site smoke up about the matter. They stepped up anonymously, claiming that “The place in the video was the waiting area for the Jacquemus show, and it was not a smoking-prohibited area indoors. After asking if she could smoke, she immediately opened the window next to her and smoked like that.

While the staff was looking for the lip product, Jennie had taken a drag of a bubble pen that was sold at the convenience store. It just so happened that the timing of her blowing the smoke out matched. She kept apologizing even after the show ended, and the staff involved also said that it was fine because they were also smokers. Although it is a problem that the smoke brushed by the top of the staff’s head, I think it’s not right for her past actions to be mentioned together as part of an attitude controversy. As her IRL friend, I’m leaving a comment as I feel upset that she is being misunderstood like this.”

1. Smoking indoors is illegal in Italy

2. No, smoking in front of others is disrespectful to them

3. That’s not a staff’s Instagram post, that’s a YouTube comment… Nowadays, reporters don’t even check sources and write articles…

4. I was disappointed that she couldn’t control herself and looked like a heavy smoker

5. If she had been a thoughtful person, she wouldn’t have thought about smoking in front of others

6. If this isn’t personality issue then what the hell is personality issue? I really want to ask. Is it okay to be friends with someone like that? They are the type of people who won’t even interact with each other

7. I guess they pressured the staff to give an explanation

8. If the staff really think like that then they are pitiful… they don’t even know what they are going through

9. Would she blow smoke even if Yoo Jae Suk was in front of her?

10. It would be better if she admitted her mistake and personally apologized

11. Jennie, what are you doing?

12. Jennie is hiding behind the staff and the company

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