Anonymous YouTuber Turns Out to be ‘Alter Ego’ of Top-Notch Korean Singer? Here’s How IU ‘Exposed’ Him

Initially mistaking a YouTuber for a random UAENA, K-pop fans were shocked upon claims that he’s actually a top-tier singer. Who is he and how did IU “expose” his identity?

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Earlier on February 15, “Nation’s Sweetheart” IU took to her Instagram story to share song cover clips made by her fans, UAENAs for her recent hit, “Love Wins All.”

Upon sharing the videos, K-pop fans were touched that the female icon is watching and showing appreciation even those with small channels.

However, this guy sparked suspicions. Why?

IU Shares ‘Love Wins All’ Song Cover Made by Fan

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(Photo : IU (Kpopping))
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IU & BTS V’s ‘Love Wins All

Among the covers IU shared recently, there is a video of a man in a mint hoodie who was seen playing the guitar while singing the chart-topping track.

Although his face wasn’t shown, viewers agreed that his expressions were still felt through his warm vocals and guitar playing.

IU then expressed her admiration for the cover, writing:

“Feels like a cozy cotton blanket. Thank you for a beautiful cover, Cheonggyesan Daenggi Records-nim. Love wins all.”

Upon the video, fans then drew attention to the man and saw that he was just a small YouTuber with only 100 followers. According to the man, he’s only playing because he’s a fan of IU.

UAENAs then showed appreciation to him by subscribing to his channel and leaving rave reviews.

Anonymous YouTuber Is Actually Jo Jung Suk? Here Are Proofs

As he continued to garner attention from IU’s fans, other music enthusiasts showed skepticism that the YouTuber is actually not just a nobody but the top-tier singer & actor, Jo Jung Suk!

Jo Jung Suk Hospital Playlist
(Photo : Instagram: @jament_official)
Jo Jung Suk Hospital Playlist
(Photo : Instagram: @jament_official)

First, Jo Jung Suk fans claimed that he gave away his identity with his distinct vocals.

Second, the said YouTuber is also using a customized guitar gifted by the singer-actor’s fan club.

Third and last, the Youtube channel, Cheonggyesan Daenggi Records has only three videos, but his first video is related to the actor himself.

In particular, the man uploaded an “AI” cover of Gummy’s “Forget Me Now” and explained that he did it because it was trendy these days.

However, fans pointed out that the vocals in the video are too on-point to be an AI, and the high-quality adlibs were also hard to believe that it was created using software.

Jo Jung Suk
(Photo : Instagram: @jament_official)

Adding to this point, the man selected to cover “Forget Me Now,” which is a hit track sung by his wife, Gummy.

In the end, the YouTube account that is said to be owned by Jo Jung Suk has now over 76,000 subscribers, from only about 100 since shared by IU.

When K-media contacted Jo’s agency, Jam Entertainment to confirm this, they only said:

“We are not in a situation where we can say whether it is true or not. We are unable to give an answer right now because the company is preparing something, but we will make an official announcement soon.”