Another Elementary Student Involved in Illegal Filming…Attends School as Usual Without Notification of Investigation


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On the night of the 19th of last month, a report came in that an elementary student had been illegally filmed in the women’s restroom of this building.

Upon entering the restroom, a male student followed and soon after, a camera shutter sound was heard. When the female student screamed, the male student immediately fled.

That male student turned out to be Elementary Student A, who was caught illegally filming a woman in her 30s at a commercial building in Daejeon’s Munhwa-dong on the 25th of last month.

The police confirmed through CCTV that the same elementary student who committed the crime at the Munhwa-dong building was the one involved in the previous incident.

Student A committed illegal filming crimes on the 19th and 25th of last month.

[Victim: He said he didn’t film me, that it was his first time. He tried to take a photo, but I immediately knocked his phone away….]

The ongoing criminal activities of Student A were not communicated to the education authorities during the police investigation, which is another problem.

Since the police did not notify the education office about the initiation of the investigation, Student A has been attending school as usual without any disruptions.

The Daejeon Office of Education states that it is difficult to know everything that happens outside of school, and that the police are not obligated to share personal information or investigation details, which is why they were unaware.

Experts emphasize that because there is a high possibility of additional crimes, the investigation process should not be kept confidential solely because the perpetrator is a child or adolescent. Instead, the relevant information should be actively shared with associated agencies.

[Secretary General of Daejeon Women’s Association: In cases involving children and adolescents, the investigative agency should inform the school and work with the community, school, administration, and police to find solutions together.]


-Even if they informed the school, what could the school do? The parents must have known, it’s impressive how they kept quiet about it.

-If an elementary school student is doing this repeatedly, they’ve probably already uploaded the videos somewhere and received money for it.

-This is a country where we have to worry about hidden cameras in elementary schools. It’s not a place to raise daughters anymore.

-Now I can’t even trust elementary school kids.

-Don’t some sites pay for videos like that? Adults would pay to watch videos provided by kids who can’t be legally punished.

-Adults could exploit this loophole by ordering kids to do it.

-It’s truly horrifying.

-That’s a mental illness.

-I don’t understand why they are so obsessed with filming people using the restroom.

-If we keep letting them off the hook, of course they’ll continue. It’s almost like we’re encouraging them.

-They’re raising a beast, not a child.

-It’s pathetic how they’re raised. They should be disciplined harshly. If you give birth, take responsibility.

-Is this the same kid who went viral before?

-They keep doing it because there’s no punishment.

-I’m losing my mind.

-What are the parents even doing?

-This country really does produce sex offenders.