Another New Record For Byun Woo-seok: TVing Beated Netflix For The First Time With “Lovely Runner”

According to the big data analysis platform ‘Mobile Index’ on May 31st, TVing ranked No. 1 in the OTT (streaming) platforms raking with a total usage time of 2,500,010 hours on May 28th. This is ahead of Netflix (2,408,179 hours), making TVing the first Korean platform being able to surpass Netflix.

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This seems to have been greatly influenced by the final episode of tvN’s drama “Lovely Runner” which aired on May 28th on TVing. Although it had a disappointing record in the TV ratings category, it helped TVing rank first in OTT ranking throughout the broadcast. In addition, “Lovely Runner” proved its buzz by ranking second in terms of contribution to TVing’s paid subscription after “Queen of Tears,” which ended in April.

byun woo seok

This is not the first time that “Lovely Runner”’s lead actor Byun Woo-seok set a new record. According to a survey of actors and actresses in TV-OTT dramas for the fourth week of May released by K-Content online competitiveness analysis firm Good Data Corporation, Byun ranked first in both drama and non-drama categories. He reportedly made a record that has not been found in the same survey of Good Data over the past decade.

Besides from the most talked-about actor category, Byun Woo-seok achieved a remarkable feat by taking first place in other categories with the drama “Lovely Runner” and the variety show “You Quiz on the Block”.

Byun Woo-seok also made an impression on the music charts. The OSTs he sang for “Lovely Runner”, titled “Sudden Shower” and “Run Run”, secured spots on Melon’s daily and weekly charts. Notably, “Sudden Shower” climbed to 14th place on Melon’s monthly chart for May amidst fierce competition from well-known singers.