Another NewJeans performance director criticizes ILLIT for copying NewJeans

Another NewJeans performance director, BLACK.Q also made a post

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“Ah, no way… I’ve been holding back with thoughts like “No way, no way” all this time, but to go as far as copying the choreography for the ads… It’s just unbelievable. The process that led to someone’s hard work being so blatantly appropriated couldn’t have been easy at all…”

1. If they follow everything NewJeans does, HYBE will be able to make them replace NewJeans. If Min Heejin leaves, the scenario is that the group will be abandoned

2. Even if they copy like that, the difference in skills is still so obvious… which is even funnier…

3. If I were a creator, I wouldn’t be able to sleep… I know because I’ve been through the same situation…

4. The future of K-pop is miserable

5. What a mess

6. Is it a photocopier?

7. Bang Si Hyuk is the producer but he seems to consider other people’s creations as dog poop?

8. It seems like Bang Si Hyuk and HYBE are ruining all of K-pop. They don’t seem to care about the healthy development of K-pop

9. They always copy and paste

10. If we can’t stop HYBE, K-pop may be ruined

11. They are shameless

12. Who is ILLIT’s choreographer??????

13. Is the K-pop industry destined to fail all together?

14. I feel they have no conscience at all

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