Apartment 404 Episode 8 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

Producer, Director Jeong Cheol-min
Cast Yoo Jae-suk, Oh Na-ra, Cha Tae-hyun, Yang Se-chan, Lee Jung-ha, BLACKPINK’s Jennie
Episodes 8 (1 episode per week)
Native Title 아파트404
Apartment 404 Episode 8 Preview

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Apartment 404 Overview

Apartment 404 Episode 8 Preview: In this 8-episode retro variety programme, six members, including Yoo Jae-suk, Oh Na-ra, Cha Tae-hyun, Yang Se-chan, Lee Jung-ha and BLACKPINK’s Jennie will explore the mysteries that lie within the different residences of an apartment complex. Every episode will have something different and the story will vary from episode to episode. Based on true events, the episode will be a mix of mystery and comedy, with entertainment being the middle word throughout! On top of that, the six members will be split up into two teams and guest stars will also join them in every episode, shaking group dynamics up and adding spice for the viewers as well.

At the end of the competition between the two teams, one person will be announced as the winner of the show. Jeong Cheol-min, the producer and director, has been a part of hit variety shows such as Sixth Sense and Running Man. Popular host and comedian Yoo Jae-suk is also a known figure in the comedy circuit and has worked with the director on both shows. At the same time, actress Oh Na-ra has been a part of Sixth Sense.

Meanwhile, comedian Yang Se-chan was a part of Running Man. Lee Jung-ha has been a part of many variety shows as a host but will take part in a variety show for the first time. Lastly, Jennie Kim, popularly known as Jennie, is a part of the enigmatic K-pop group BLACKPINK.

Apartment 404 Episode 8 PreviewApartment 404 Episode 8 Preview

Apartment 404 Episode 8 Preview 

The preview for the last episode shows the members travelling back to 2003 as high school students! Dressed in cute school uniforms, they are joined by variety show personality Jo Se-ho and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun! We see Yeonjun’s acting and action skills as he beats up students in the hallway. Shocked at his changed personality, the rest of the crew just looked at him. 

Many scary incidents occur as Jo Se-ho gets bullied and students fall down the staircase during a fight. They also find students hiding in laboratories, and participating in suspicious things. The 6 of them immediately go on a hunt and begin suspecting each other. The preview ends with them in a tug-of-war style fight and Jae-suk tells them, ‘Why are so many things happening?’. 

What is this new case? Is it about bullying or is there a deeper issue that goes beyond bullies and fights?

Apartment 404 Episode 8 PreviewApartment 404 Episode 8 Preview

Apartment 404 Episode 7 Recap 

The episode begins with the 6 member team, dressed in the top fashion of 2011. Even though it was just a decade ago, many things don’t trend anymore – like skinny jeans, flash mobs, etc. In 2011, the South Korean entertainment industry (K-pop and K-drama) was all the rage but at the same time, the working class people were suffering – especially the newly graduated college students. 

In the episode, the crew becomes freshmen at a college with suspicious activities. They split into two groups and joined the dance and band clubs. The dance club finds a clue in their routine, while the band club remains clueless. Both teams play a game and the dance club wins, obtaining their first clue and a delicious lunch.

The winning team goes to a room where Woo-il shows them a 2011 news clip about college students resorting to crime for money. After the video, they find that the other students have disappeared. The losing team receives a similar prompt and heads to the art room to look for clues. Both teams find multiple papers with black incoherent shapes, which they must put together to understand the incident at the university. While the band club did not get much time to put the puzzle together, the dance club did so.

As they all go to the other rooms, they find the keyword of the day- pyramid scheme. We found out that 5000 or more students were involved in a pyramid scheme due to the need to make some money. 

Apartment 404 Episode 8 PreviewApartment 404 Episode 8 Preview

In 2011, many students who went to college were looking for ways to make money to make up for the increasing tuition fees that their families could not afford. Posed as an easy way to make money, the students were lured in through different clubs to join the pyramid scheme and soon, they had immense amounts of debt to pay off, which they did by adopting illegal ways like robbery. 

The teams noticed students disappearing from the cafeteria. After winning another game, Jennie’s team got their second clue. They found out that 5000 students were trapped in small rooms and controlled by their seniors, with no freedom. The students were lured into these pyramid schemes and were kept in the small rooms to make sure they reached their targets.

The video ends with telling them to find the missing students as well as Jung-ha and Se-chan, who get kidnapped. Flabbergasted at the turn of events, they are led to a room with pictures of all the missing students. They initially thought that Jung-ha and Se-chan were the ring-leaders of the pyramid scheme but they turned out to be kidnapped students themselves.

Teams had to find their missing member by 4 PM to win a prize. The winning team got an extra clue to help them locate Se-chan, while the losing team received directions through sound. Tae-hyun’s team won by finding the clue first. The episode ended with a discussion about a harrowing incident involving over 10,000 trapped students in a scheme and new schemes luring students into investing in cryptocurrencies.

Apartment 404 Episode 8 PreviewApartment 404 Episode 8 Preview

Apartment 404 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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