Apink Bomi Pens Tearful Apology to Fans After 8-Year Covert Romance Revelation— ‘I’m Sorry..’

In a surprising turn of events, K-pop idol Yoon Bo-mi of Apink has been thrust into the spotlight after news broke of her eight-year relationship with Rado, a producer known for his work with Black Eyed Pilseung.

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Dispatch, notorious for unveiling celebrity relationships, disclosed that the pair’s romance blossomed during their collaboration on Apink’s hit track “Only One” back in 2016.

Confirmation and Support from Agencies

Following the revelation, Yoon Bo-mi’s agency, Choi Creative Lab, and Rado’s agency, High Up Entertainment, swiftly confirmed the relationship. They issued statements urging fans to extend their support and love to the couple amidst the unexpected disclosure.

Apink Bomi
Apink Bomi

Yoon Bo-mi’s Apology Letter

Struck by the magnitude of the revelation, Yoon Bo-mi penned a heartfelt apology letter to her devoted fans, affectionately known as Pandas.

Expressing her concern for their feelings, she confessed to feeling awkward and worried even as she wrote the letter.

Apink Bomi'
Apink Bomi’
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“I want to apologize to Panda who must have been very shocked by this sudden news,” she wrote, acknowledging the surprise her fans must have experienced.

Reflecting on their journey, she shared, “While producing many songs together, we developed feelings for each other then started dating and have maintained the relationship until now.”

She expressed gratitude for the growth and maturity she had experienced alongside Rado, whom she described as wise and sensible.

In a pledge to continue her artistic endeavors with sincerity and positivity, Yoon Bo-mi reassured fans of her commitment to delivering stellar performances.

“I will continue to show you good performances with my sincere and positive energy as Yoon Bo-mi. I’m always grateful for your support. I’m sorry and I love you all,” she concluded, underscoring her deep affection for her fans.

Career Updates for Both Artists

Yoon Bo-mi, who debuted with Apink in April 2011, continues to thrive as a singer and actress. She is currently captivating audiences with her portrayal of Na Chae-yeon in tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears.”

Apink Bomi
Apink Bomi

Meanwhile, Rado, as a representative producer of High Up Entertainment, has been instrumental in creating numerous chart-topping hits for various artists, including TWICE’s “Fancy” and “Cheer Up,” Chungha’s “Gotta Go,” and Apink’s “I’m So Sick.”