Apink’s Bomi filmed herself dancing all around the prison yard while guards watched

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Apink‘s Bomi made an appearance with SNSD‘s Hyoyeon while she excelled at not giving a shit about being locked up in Bali recently. However, little did I know that Bomi actually starred in her own videos as well, recording herself dancing around the prison grounds (hotel property) as the producers of their show I assume fought for their lives with authorities.

Just imagining her filming all this as guards menacingly stood watch over the rec yard*.

*The point of confiscating passports is so they couldn’t leave anyway, and thus wouldn’t need to be guarded, but that’s not as funny a visual.

Her dating news was everywhere, she was detained without a passport, and the biggest company in her industry was imploding, but nothing else mattered except #Content. True hero.

This energy is much needed right now. Unironically, these vids have probably been the best promo this show was ever gonna get.