Apology Statement Of BTS V’s Malicious Commenter Attracts Attention “I’m Preparing For The Civil Service Examination, So Forgive Me Once”

A netizen who posted malicious comments toward BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) issued an apology statement, drawing attention from the public

On October 1st, netizen Kim wrote on an online community, “I’m Kim from Busan, who made hateful comments about V and created rumors through comments on various social media and online communities in 2022.”

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Kim explained, “After watching a video about BTS’s V spread by cyber wreckers in 2022, I thoughtlessly believed that the content was true and hated V. At first, I hated him all by myself, but after seeing people cursing him online, I also posted malicious comments.”

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Kim continued, “I thought he was that kind of person so I hated him and did not even try to get to know him properly. I’m preparing for the civil service examination and I know that many unreasonable issues will happen in the future if I have a criminal record.”

This netizen appealed to HYBE, the agency of BTS and V, for leniency. He confessed, “HYBE has no intention to reach an agreement with leniency. I’m feeling so sorry and anxious that I’m trying to leave a message here through Pann’s anonymous posting.

Lastly, Kim wrote, “I’d like to apologize to him in person but I cannot meet him so I’m leaving my apology here. Please forgive me once. I’ve just started my social life.”

This netizen’s post attracted attention because it came after Big Hit Music’s firm stance against malicious commenters.

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Previously, Big Hit Music released a statement on September 27th, saying, “Among the individuals targeted for prosecution during the second quarter of last year, some suspects had their investigations suspended or were not indicted. We have contested these decisions by filing objections and requesting further investigations. As a result, after prosecution, some of these suspects have been legally punished for defamation and damage to reputation.

They emphasized, “Additionally, among the individuals targeted for prosecution, we have included posters on the news portal site, Newsran, who repeatedly posted violent and derogatory comments. These posters engaged in a high volume of malicious comments on multiple articles, and we have compiled and submitted all identified defamatory comments for prosecution. We will hold the suspects accountable without compromise or leniency and take strict measures against them.”

Despite Kim’s apology, public opinion remains cold. Some netizens are claiming that the agency should not embrace leniency and Kim should be severely punished.

Source: Naver