Appeal Trial For Jung Eun-ji’s Stalker To Take Place Today (Jul 9th)

According to the legal community on July 9th, the Seoul Central District Court will hold the first appeal trial for A, the woman in her 50s who was indicted on the charge of stalking later on the same day.

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Accordingly, the first trial court sentenced A to one year in prison and two years of probation in January. They also ordered A to pay a fine of 100,000 won and completed 120 hours of community service and 40 hours of lectures to prevent repeat stalking crimes.

Jung eun ji

At that time, the court said, “The content of A’s message to the victim seems to have gone beyond the level of normal fans’ support, interest and affection for their favorite celebrity”, adding “Although the victim joined Instagram and Bubble app to communicate with the public and fans, this cannot be considered permission for any contact and approach like this”.

Explaining the sentence, the court said, “A’s crime caused damage, and the victim seems to have suffered mental shock, pain, anxiety, and fear from that. In addition, A has been denying the crime and yet to show any signs of reflection”.

jung eun ji

Later, A submitted an appeal against the court’s ruling.

Meanwhile, A has been charged with stalking as she was found to have sent Jung Eun-ji 544 messages in total since March 2020. In addition, A also followed Jung Eun-ji’s car.

Among the 544 DM messages A sent Jung Eun-ji over five months, there were messages such as “Did you sue me? Why? I only texted you”. In the end, Jung Eun-ji and her agency decided to take legal action against A.