Are BTOB & Cube Entertainment Heading For Sudden Split? Here’s What You Need To Know

The future of BTOB hangs in the balance as negotiations and discussions for their impending contract renewal with Cube Entertainment take an unexpected turn.

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Recent reports have hinted at a possible delay in the contract renewal process due to difficulties in reaching a consensus for the group’s second contract extension.

Cube Entertainment Addresses Contract Renewal Standstill with BTOB Members

On November 1, it was revealed that negotiations were ongoing, but progress had hit a roadblock. Responding to these developments, Cube Entertainment issued a statement, shedding light on the situation.


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They emphasized, “The contract renewal period for Cube Entertainment and some BTOB members has not yet concluded. We are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome up until the expiration date.”

The agency representative also touched upon the ongoing discussions, stating, “The BTOB members are taking into account multiple perspectives to adequately address and resolve this situation.”


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In an earlier report, it was disclosed that the BTOB members had proposed a substantial ‘6 billion won’ group contract deposit to potential agencies.

However, Cube Entertainment swiftly responded to this assertion, dismissing it as not reflective of the company’s standpoint.

BTOB Fans, MELODYs, on Edge as Contract Renewal Uncertainty Casts Shadow on Unity

As BTOB navigates the complex waters of contract renewal with Cube Entertainment, their dedicated fanbase, known as MELODYs, is standing by, holding their breath as they anxiously await the outcome.


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MELODYs worldwide express unwavering support for BTOB, taking to Twitter (X) to hope for a positive outcome, enabling the group to continue their music projects.

  • “do whatever you want bestiee, as long as you are still together and still be part of btob, i support it. get your 6 billion krw and buy me a coffee then”
  • “All I want is BTOB to still continue their group activities even if each of them move to a different agency. Just like what the beats want. Because both BTOB and Melody love BTOB so much.”
  • “We believe in everything that you will do boys.So they are still holding the confirmation because waiting for 1 member that is still in a contract! i know some of the members will not going to renew but they already stated they want to continue as BTOB so i feel at ease rn”
  • “As long as we keep singing there’s no end to our song”
  • “Why do i feel like this is whats keeping mh busy. Like he’s meeting other companies and laying down btob’s data and stats trying to get the best deal for the beats hahaha anyway, btob foreverrrrr!! On to greater heights!!”
  • “i have full faith they’d find a way to stay together if they left i’m hoping the best for them esp since we all know cube treats all their artists like crap”
  • “TOB loved BTOB the most, and thats the fact. So we just need to believe in them. In BTOB we trust.”

As BTOB’s contract renewal negotiations unfold, MELODYs continue to send their love and encouragement, united in their hope for a promising future for their beloved group.

The question on everyone’s minds remains: Will BTOB and Cube Entertainment reach a consensus, or is a sudden split in the cards for this beloved group? Only time will tell.