Controversy is erupting as a ‘no tattoo zone’, which restricts the entry of people with tattoos, appeared online.

On the 26th, photos of ‘No-Tattoo Zones’ are being spread in various online communities, focusing on bathhouses, gyms, swimming pools, hotels, etc. A no-tattoo zone refers to a space where people with tattoos are restricted from entering or are encouraged to use the facility by covering their tattoos with long clothes or patches. It is being implemented for the reason that it may create a sense of threat to other customers.

A self-employed person who runs a gym under the no-tattoo zone rule explained the reason, “We have come to recommend limiting excessive exposure of tattoos because it creates a sense of threat to other customers.” However, rather than completely banning the entry of people with tattoos, they set rules such as wearing long clothes that can cover the tattoo.

Those in favor of the no-tattoo zones argue that excessive tattoos create a sense of discomfort or anxiety. Excessive exposure of tattoos in places where exposure of the body is unavoidable, such as swimming pools or bathrooms, can cause harm to others.

However, opponents argue that it suppresses individual freedom. In a society where tattoos are popular culture and “part of fashion,” and are enjoyed as a unique feature, it is unfair to restrict access simply because one has a tattoo. In particular, tattoo designs with their own meaning, such as someone’s favorite paintings or photos of dogs, are so popular that they can be easily found on social media. Several celebrities, including Taeyeon, Dex, and Han Sohee, have also revealed their tattoos.

In fact, the number of tattoo practitioners nationwide is increasing. According to data submitted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to the National Assembly Legislative Research Service in October 2021, the number of tattoo practitioners nationwide was 350,000 and the number of tattooed people was 13 million. As tattooing by non-medical personnel is illegal, it is difficult to calculate accurate statistics, but it shows the reality that tattoos are becoming more popular.

However, under the current law, tattooing is limited to a ‘medical practice’, so tattoos cannot be performed except by medical professionals. More than 10 bills to enact or amend laws legalizing tattooing by non-medical personnel were proposed in the National Assembly, but they failed to pass the threshold.

In order to ‘legalize tattoos’, the government showed signs of opening up the practice of tattooing to non-medical personnel by ordering ‘a study on developing and managing a tattooist qualification test and continuing education system’ on the 4th. […]

1. I totally agree with this 

2. But that’s all at the discretion of the business owner.. Me too I work out at the gym and when I see people tattooed there, I get scared and feel like my safety is compromised

3. What is the criteria for “excessive tattoos?”

4. They wrote only for people with “excessive tattoos”

5. I like that though 

6. But places like saunas and public baths don’t allow Irezumi tattoos in the first place

7. That’s up to the business owner alright ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. They obviously mean the ones who have thugs-looking tattoos… Me too I feel uncomfortable looking at them 

9. Why is the journalist mentioning celebrities ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I can understand, me too I hate tattoos