Are JYPE Groups Flopping? K-pop Stans Discuss Company’s Lack of ‘Public Friendly’ Songs

The status of JYP Entertainment groups towards the general public has been questioned and discussed by netizens, who delved into the artists’ musical appeal.

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Read more of their discussion below.

Are JYPE Groups Losing Their Touch to General Public? K-pop Stans Discuss Artists’ Musicality, Domestic Chart Performance

On January 9, netizens gathered in an online community, which enumerated the 2023 MelOn chart rankings of various JYP Entertainment artists. The list contained JYPE releases from each month and its chart performance rankings.

Are JYPE Groups Flopping? K-pop Stans Discuss Company's Lack of 'Public Friendly' Songs

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OP captioned, “This is based on their comebacks in 2023.”




  •  “SET ME FREE” by TWICE: 83rd
  •  “Young, Dumb, Stupid” by NMIXX: 28th
  •  “Love Me Like This” by NMIXX: 6th


  •  “Freakin’ Bad” by Xdinary Heroes: 4,394 MelOn users


  •  “S-CLASS” by Stray Kids: 100th


  •  “Roller Coaster” by NMIXX: 129th
  •  “Party O’ Clock” by NMIXX: 123rd
  •  “CAKE” by ITZY: 20th


  •  “Killin’ Me Good” by TWICE Jihyo: 131st
  •  “Let It Be Summer” by DAY6 Young K: 343rd


  •  “nothing but” by DAY6 Young K: 233rd


  •  “Break the Brake” by Xdinary Heroes: 4,149 MelOn users
  •  “HEARTRIS” by NiziU: 5,940 MelOn users


  •  “LALALALA” by Stray Kids: 108th
  •  “Change Man” by J.Y Park:401st


  •  “Soñar (Breaker)” by NMIXX: 143rd

OP added that despite the artists doing well internationally and keeping their comebacks on time, their performance in domestic charts should be improved to maintain heat in the general public.

“This is based on daily peak (the peak number of users not counted). Side tracks are not listed except for pre-releases. I’ve heard that they’re doing well overseas, and it’s good that they keep their comebacks on schedule, but they should pay attention to domestic charts.”

Stray Kids

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JYP Entertainment Logo

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Netizens commented on the post, with many agreeing with OP’s sentiments. Many mentioned how much JYP Entertainment “slacked” in the music department during 2023 despite having a roster of talented artists under its wing. Some drew out harsh remarks towards the artists, to the point of criticizing their star factor.

Read their comments below:

  •  “But to be honest, JYP hasn’t released one good song recently.”
  •  “Personally, looking at ITZY’s skills, I really want them to do well, and Stray Kids are the only male idols whose MVs I’ve been watching consistently but no matter what, a singer needs a good song.”
  •  “JYP used to be so popular with the general public but not anymore.”
  •  “They already know, so let’s just stop caring about a flop company.”
  •  “I wonder what their AR team is doing. I liked ‘Love Me Like This’ so I listened to it a lot but ever since, their songs have been so disappointing.”
  •  “I used to listen to so many JYP songs back then, but I just stopped at one point.”

Meanwhile, others defended JYPE’s impact on the industry and its music quality.

  •  “But why do we even need the acknowledgement of the general public? They are earning way more money than singers who do well digitally.”
  •  “I like how their songs are not cliché, so they’re fun to listen to, and I’m satisfied as a fan.”

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