ARMYs are Furious Amid Suspicions of BTS’ Sajaegi … “Aren’t You Going to Protect Your Artist?”


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The BTS fandom, ARMY, is deeply upset. After various suspicions related to BTS have been raised, they express their dissatisfaction with Big Hit Music, a subsidiary of HYBE.

The BTS fan platform, Weverse, is in turmoil. As suspicions surrounding BTS regarding “Sajaegi” have been revealed, fans’ efforts to uncover the truth have intensified. As Big Hit Music has not yet provided a new statement regarding this matter, fans’ dissatisfaction has reached a critical point.

Within the united ARMY community on Weverse, there is a growing trend of criticism toward HYBE and Big Hit Music. The widespread criticism directed at HYBE on Weverse, a platform created by HYBE, is seen as an unusual occurrence.

The majority of ARMYs are expressing their opinions urging clear statements regarding the suspicions of Sajaegi and they are seeking to protect the group.

User ID “Yoon****” stated, “It’s unclear whether this sudden focus on BTS was due to a power struggle between HYBE and other labels, or why the company (HYBE), which used to release several articles to the media every day until a few days ago, suddenly stopped everything and remains silent.”

User ID “Al******” also commented, “They released a statement in 2017 regarding the chart manipulation controversy, so why are they telling us to look it up? This is ridiculous. Times have changed. They need to issue a new statement now that the situation has become a complete mess.”

User ID “Do**” said, “As time goes on, rumors only grow larger. Why are they keeping their mouths shut? They need to make amends. BTS worked hard to get to where they are, and their efforts should not be in vain.”

ARMYs residing abroad are also expressing their unconditional support for BTS.


-Honestly,  from a third-party perspective, it seems like the company is handling this matter very well. Admitting to that would be even more harmful; it’s best to just leave things as they are.

-Yeah! They should release a statement quickly.

-ARMYs, stay strongㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Isn’t it better for HYBE to release a statement quickly?

-It seems like they’re working harder than anyone else right now.

-Of course, fans would be angry; the agency isn’t protecting the artist.

-It’s cowardly to avoid mentioning it as much as possible, but it’s the best way to handle it here. 

-It’s not that they’re not issuing a statement, but that they can’t… If the verdict is out, what more can they say?

-It’s not BTS’s fault but theirs, but they won’t take responsibilityㅋㅋㅋ They could’ve just confessed “Actually, we were the ones at fault. BTS is innocent,” showing an attitude of taking all the blame…

-It would be nice if HYBE would hurry up and clarify their position ^^

-HYBE’s current response is actually their way to protect BTS.

-If it’s not true, they should either refute or apologize if it’s true.

-Every time something happens, HYBE throws BTS under the bus as a shield, not just once or twice.

-The company is really useless.

-They posted a notice of filing a lawsuit.