ARMYs Complain About Conditions To Apply For BTS Jin’s “Hug Event”

On June 2nd, BTS account announced the poster and details of the offline event “2024 FESTA” to be held in Songpa-gu, Seoul on June 13th. “FESTA” is a festival for BTS to have a celebration with fans to commemorate their debut date (June 13th). This year, Jin, who is about to be discharged from the military, will attend the offline event.

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The fan event with Jin will take place at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul at the wish of Jin because he wanted to spend a meaningful time with ARMY in person. The fan event will consist of two parts, “Jin’s Greeting” and “Message From Jin: June 13 2024”.

The first part will provide a session in which 1000 fans can receive light hugs from Jin, and the second part will allow fans to see various performances of Jin. In addition, fans who cannot come to the event can watch the second part via Weverse live-streaming platform.


However, right after the event announcement, fans poured complaints about the conditions for participants of the hug event.

According to Big Hit Music’s announcement on Weverse, fans with Weverse Membership who are purchasers of BTS albums, including solo albums, released after “Proof”, which was released in June 2022, can apply for the event from the 2nd to the 6th of June.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the conditions, fans commented, “Application is automatically applied for the total number of albums you ordered”, “So I must purchase the albums again?”, “They are doing this just to sell the albums”, “Shouldn’t this be applied to Jin’s album only?”, etc.