ARMYs Rage At Sasaeng Fans Annoying BTS’s Jungkook At US Airport

Videos showing sasaeng fans mimicking Jungkook in the US are spreading online

Jungkook recently made headlines with his loveliness when he appeared at the airport leaving for the Global Citizen Festival in the US with a sleepy face. When Jungkook arrived in New York, many ARMY were already waiting there to welcome him. 

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jungkook bts

Amid the exciting cheers, netizens noticed an embarrassing scene caused by saesang fans. Some people attempted to annoy Jungkook by mimicking his words although he tried to greet fans brightly after a long flight. 

In a video taken at the airport, a group of sasaeng fans followed Jungkook from the security gate until he came out of the airport. They kept calling him “bro” and laughed loudly at his reactions. 

jungkook bts parody voice

Their voices mimicking Jungkook could be heard clearly in various livestream videos. Many ARMYs noticed that Jungkook looked very confused and uncomfortable because of the sasaeng fans’ annoying actions.

It is common for Kpop fans to come to the airport to meet their idols but various issues are still arising. Besides, sasaeng fans have also caused lots of problems to idols. 

Earlier, V almost got grabbed by the hair by someone when trying to get in the car in Japan. Jungkook also warned sasaeng fans about appearing at locations of their private schedules many times. 

Source: K14