AROHAs in Tears as ASTRO Celebrates Moonbin&Sanha’s 3rd Anniversary: ‘My heart is overflowing’

ASTRO members celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Moonbin&Sanha, which generated heartwarming reactions from AROHAs online.

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Here’s what happened.

ASTRO Members Celebrate Moonbin&Sanha’s 3rd Anniversary, AROHAs in Tears as Throwback Photos, Clips Shared on Social Media

It was an emotional moment for both the group and fans.

AROHAs in Tears as ASTRO Celebrates Moonbin & Sanha's 3rd Anniversary: 'My heart is overflowing'

(Photo : Twitter: @ASTRO_Staff)

On September 14, ASTRO gained buzz on social media when members commemorated the third anniversary of group unit Moonbin&Sanha. The duo made their debut on September 14, 2020, with their first mini album “In-Out,” along with the title track “Bad Idea.”

On Twitter, ASTRO’s leader JinJin uploaded numerous photos of himself together with Moonbin and Sanha. The idol also placed a caption, congratulating the duo for their third anniversary.

JinJin wrote, “Happy 3rd anniversary, my little brothers.”

Watch the clips below:

Sanha also commemorated the special occasion by sharing some footage, which featured him and Moonbin during the recording of their “Madness” music video. The song is from their third-mini album, “INCENSE,” which was released on January 4.

Fantagio staff also posted on one of ASTRO’s official Twitter accounts, congratulating the duo for their career milestone.

The post captioned, “Eternal strongest unit DdanKong. Congratulations on your 3rd debut anniversary.”

Upon seeing the clips and videos scattered on social media, AROHAs were more than willing to voice out their happiness over the throwbacks. In their posts, fans thanked the members for celebrating the duo’s third anniversary in such a heartfelt way.

Others thanked Fantagio for allowing the two to form a unit together. Read their reactions below:

  •  “Oh my, thank you for sharing these pictures. I love you, our best leader!”
  •  “Thank you for sharing this precious moment, leader-nim.”
  •  “Thank you all for sharing these wonderful memories. I hope everything shines in Jinwoo and ASTRO’s future as well.”
  •  “My precious BinSan, my heart is overflowing.”
  •  “Thank you for allowing them to form a sub-unit, they were so unique and equal simultaneously. We will always remember and love DdanKong.”
  •  “I’m really proud of you my boys. I’m sure Binnie is happy and celebrating with us up there with the angels. I miss you guys. To Sanha, his hyungs, we AROHAs are proud of you all.”


Congratulations to Moonbin & Sanha’s third debut anniversary!

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