‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Debuts Successfully + Named No 1 Buzzworthy Drama

Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung’s period drama “Arthdal Chronicles 2” finally made its debut this September. Much to fans’ delight, the series exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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The new season was worth the long wait as it even topped the moss buzzed-about series, giving its predecessor a run for its money.

‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Successfully Tops Most Buzzworthy Drama Ranking

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” made its debut with flying colors as it took the No. 1 on the list of the television dramas that generated the most buzz.

Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun

(Photo : tvN )

It is the sequel to the 2019 mega hit series of the same name which was led by Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won and Kim Ok Vin. In Season 2, Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung joined the cast.

The series tells the story of the people who are born to protect as well as destroy the beautiful land of Arthdal, set eight years after the first season.

'Arthdal Chronicles 2'

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Lee Joon Gi

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” received an average score of 4.8% within two weeks since its debut. Although it’s 1.8% short of the first season’s first episode score, the drama received great reception.

It topped the most buzzworthy dramas as reported by Good Data Corporation, a company that determines rankings through news, online communities and social media appeal.

'Arthdal Chronicles 2'

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Lee Joon Gi

Not only did “Arthdal Chronicles 2” take the first place in the drama category, its lead actor Lee Joon Gi also made it to the eighth spot on the most buzzworthy actors list.

Meanwhile, “Moving,” “My Lovely Liar” and “Behind Your Touch” are among the most buzzworthy works this week.

Here are the Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Dramas:

1. ‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’

2. ‘Destined With You’

3. ‘Behind Your Touch’

4. ‘The First Responders 2’

5. ‘My Lovely Liar’

6. ‘New Recruit 2’

7. The Real Has Come!’

8. ‘Longing For You’

9. The Killing Vote’

10. ‘Elegant Empire’

Here are the Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Actors:

1. Go Yoon Jung

2. Ryu Seung Ryong

3. Lee Jung Ha

4. Jo In Sung

5. Kim Rae Won

6. Han Hyo Joo

7. Rowoon

8. Lee Joon Gi

9. Jo Bo Ah

10. Ahn Hyo Seop

Lee Joon Gi Gets Candid About ‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Role

In an interview, Lee Joon Gi bared his heart and confessed that joining “Arthdal Chronicles 2” was a huge challenge and burden to him as an actor.

Lee Joon Gi 4

(Photo : Lee Joon Gi’s Instagram)

He stated that he wasn’t confident in taking on such a great leap. To recall, Lee Joon Gi’s character was portrayed by Song Joong Ki in Season 1.

The actor conquered the fear by immersing himself in his character, and even sacrificed his sleep just to prepare for his new acting role.

“I put my life aside and just came to the set to give Eunseom and Saya justice,” the actor confessed.

Thankfully, the actor’s performance was well-received by the public, exceeding high expectations from fans who have loved Season 1’s Song Joong Ki.

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