‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Episode 6: Jang Dong Gun Receives Sacred Mission

After declaring himself as an Inaishingi and an Aramun, the Arthdal natives hunt Lee Joon Gi down for his betrayal in “Arthdal Chronicles 2” episode 6.

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In addition, Jang Dong Gun also receives his sacred mission from the Aramun prophecy. 

Eunseom’s Great Declaration

Eunseom (Lee Joon Gi) declares his identity as an Inaishingi and Aramun, leaving the Arthdal people in shock.

‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Stills

(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Lee Joon Gi

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun), on the other hand, continues to hallucinate about his father who is an Igutu.

Tanya (Shin Se Kyung) goes to the tree where the sword has been buried and understands that Eunseom accepts his own mission.

Tanya Begins Own Mission

Tanya brings the sword to the temple and makes the Arthdal natives seek blessings in their time of need.

‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Stills

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Shin Se Kyung

Elsewhere, Saya (Lee Joon Gi) assumes the role of Eunseom and finds the names of the union elders, which he soon uses as a way of causing chaos.

However, some men are aware of his true identity. One man reveals that he’s a fake Inaishingi and ties him up. Tae Alha (Kim Ok Vin) asks her men to take Eunseom down, and lies about being threatened by the latter.

'Arthdal Chronicles 2'

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Kim Ok Vin

They didn’t kill Eunseom but made sure that he would never be able to return to Arthdal. Eunseom then meets up with his men and lure Saya in.

Tagon Receives Sacred Mission

Tagon visits the tree where the sword is buried. Tanya notices how low his spirit is. Because of this, she tries to appease him by saying that his mission will soon come.

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Jang Dong Gun

When he returns to court, Tagon orders to capture everyone born in the year when the comet appeared, and tells his men to kill them if they try to escape.

He cuts off his ear when one of the ministers asks him to take back his order, shocking Tanya and Tae Alha.

Chaos Ensues Between Arthdal & Ago Natives

Tagon also hurts Tae Alha with his words after learning about her being a spy in the past. He declares that he no longer believes in her.

‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ Stills

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Lee Joon Gi

Meanwhile, Saya decides to join the warriors in leading the mission to the border. The Arthdal soldiers as well as the Ago army soon attack one another.

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Amidst the chaos, Saya finds Eunseom’s location which leaves them both in surprise, especially when they are both pushed to the edge.