As a Rookie Girl Group from a Small to Medium-Sized Company, IVE is Currently Doing Quite Well on Their World Tour


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They are doing quite well in places with a large-scale setup, managing to impressively sell out. Despite being a small to mid-sized girl group, their overseas tour is expanding and doing really great.

Actually, due to the uproar in the comments, I’ll add some clarification. When I mentioned ‘a place with a decent scale,’ I didn’t mean to belittle it. I just meant that, considering they are from a small to mid-sized agency and are rookies, they are doing well with a respectable scale. It wasn’t meant to compare them with anyone else; it’s just the reality of Starship and the fact that IVE is growing well. I didn’t expect anyone to get upset about the ‘small to mid-sized’ part!


-Still, it’s Starship, it seems more like a mid-tier than a small to mid-sized company… It’s right after the top 4.

-They’re about to tour in North America!

-IVE has Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin. Besides, even though Starship isn’t one of the Top 4 Companies, groups under their company such as Sistar and Monsta X are really well-known. 

-Starship is a small to medium-sized company…?

-I don’t think Starship is considered small to medium-sized company… They’re doing well with tours and all. 

-Starship is indeed a small to medium-sized company. As a Starship Ent’s fan, I don’t think there’s much difference in the size of the company before and after IVE’s debut.

-Starship is under Kakao Entㅋㅋ They’re not a small to medium-sized company.
ㄴIt doesn’t matter. Even STAYC’s company is under Kakao, but they’re still considered a small to medium-sized company because they only have STAYC. On the other hand, Starship has a relatively large company size despite being classified as a small to medium-sized company. Kakao Ent.’s management style is quite different, they don’t intervene in the operation of their subsidiaries company. 

-OP: I classified Starship as a small to mid-sized company because IVE is doing tours with large-scale despite still being a rookie group. Besides, Starship isn’t one of the Top 4 Companies anyway.