Attitude EP Album Schedule: HyunA Unveils Important Dates Related to Her Comeback

On April 16, 2024, HyunA Attitude EP album schedule was unveiled, taking the music world by storm. This announcement not only stirred excitement among fans but also placed the spotlight firmly on the acclaimed singer, who is poised to end her two-year hiatus with a bold return to the solo scene.

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Under the new banner of AT AREA, HyunA is set to embark on this new musical journey, marking a significant milestone in her career. Notably, Attitude will stand as her inaugural EP produced under the creative guidance of the esteemed hip-hop producer duo, GroovyRoom, and their esteemed agency, AT AREA. This collaboration comes following her decision to join the agency in November of the preceding year, signalling a fresh chapter in her artistic evolution.

For aficionados of her work, this upcoming release holds particular significance, as it follows HyunA’s eighth EP, Nabillera, which captivated audiences upon its release in July 2022 under the banner of P Nation. With Attitude, HyunA is poised to showcase her growth as an artist while captivating listeners with her signature style and undeniable talent.

The captivating teaser image provided offers a tantalizing glimpse into HyunA’s highly anticipated comeback, showcasing a preview of her alluring concept and unveiling the exciting schedule ahead. Delving into the details revealed, fans can eagerly anticipate the unveiling of HyunA’s first concept photo and clip on April 17, followed by subsequent releases on April 19 and April 22, culminating in the unveiling of the final concept picture. Building further anticipation, the tracklist for the album is set to be unveiled on April 23, providing insight into the musical journey awaiting listeners.

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Adding to the anticipation, the teaser for the music video is scheduled for release on May 1, 2024, teasing snippets of what promises to be a visually stunning accompaniment to the music. Finally, mark your calendars for May 2, 2024, as that’s when HyunA’s long-awaited album will be officially released, inviting fans to immerse themselves fully in her latest artistic offering.

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