BABYMONSTER Ahyeon Draws Attention After Changing THIS: ‘She Looks Like LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’

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BABYMONSTER member Ahyeon is drawing attention to changing one aspect of her visuals, with Korean netizens claiming she is starting to resemble LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin.

On June 8, 2024, a post titled “Wow BAEMON Ahyeon looks really pretty with red hair…” was shared with Instiz, one of the most popular South Korean online community forums. In the original post, the poster shared photos of Ahyeon from BABYMONSTER’s fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

There was a noticeable difference in Ahyeon’s visuals on this day. When competing on YG Entertainment’s “Last Evaluation” and during BABYMONSTER’s debut with “SHEESH,” Ahyeon maintained long black hair.

Now, however, Ahyeon has dyed her hair a deep red! The original poster commented that she looks edgier with her hair dyed red, and dubbed the rookie idol as a “seriously hot girl.” They noted that they wanted to see her in even fancier styling.

They added that if her color fades and she opts to go blonde, the color would suit her well!

Korean netizens who saw the post couldn’t help but gush over how beautiful the idol looks with her new hairstyle. They stated that despite her strong make-up, her youthful, baby-like visuals still shine. Others claimed she looked like a princess, while others stated she was born to be an idol.

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Many compared her to another female idol known for her hot girl image: LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin! With their small faces, amazing talent, and fiery red hair, it makes sense why Ahyeon was compared to the LE SSERAFIM member. Others commented that besides Huh Yunjin, Ahyeon resembled Ryujin from ITZY.

A post shared by instagram

Some comments read,

  • “She looks like Huh Yunjin.”
  • “Ahyeon was really born to be an idol.”
  • “Wow, I also have her face shape but I don’t look as good in photos.”
  • “Wow, she kind of looks like Huh Yunjin.”
  • “I can see so many idols’ faces in her.”
  • “Ahyeon is too pretty.”
  • “They keep giving Ahyeon strong make-up but she still looks like a baby! She is so cute!”
  • “Princess Ahyeon!”
  • “Ahyeon gives me Ryujin vibes.”

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In other news, BABYMONSTER recently concluded their first fan meeting tour. They held fan meetings in five regions in Asia, specifically Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Prior to that, a pop-up store was held at The Hyundai Seoul to celebrate BABYMONSTER’s official debut.

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