BABYMONSTER Ahyeon Stuns Fans with Emotional Message on Phone — Here’s What She Said

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BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon surprised fans at Incheon Airport on June 6 with a heartfelt message displayed on her phone, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Her vibrant red hair added to the excitement as she interacted with supporters.

Among the members of BABYMONSTER, Ahyeon stood out with her striking red hair, drawing immediate attention from fans and onlookers. Her unique style and cheerful demeanor set a positive tone for the encounter at the airport.

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What truly touched fans’ hearts was the message Ahyeon had prepared for them. In a spontaneous gesture of love and appreciation, she held up her iPhone for fans to read. The message, a short but meaningful list, urged fans to prioritize their well-being and happiness.

“It was a short list that asked them to be healthy and happy,” shared an eyewitness at the scene. “She ended with an encouraging message to persevere when times are hard.”

Ahyeon’s words resonated deeply with fans, who expressed their love and gratitude for her kind gesture. “Fans, unsurprisingly, loved her words,” said one fan. “They gushed over the idol and said that it was a ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ gesture. They agreed that she has a ‘soft heart’ and were all too happy to stan her.”


 #AHYEON message to her fans 1. Be healthy! 2. Don’t skip meals! 3. Be happy! Let go of the difficult things and be happy AHYEON I hope you’re the happiest girl in the world️ — ahybcd (@ahyconic_411) June 6, 2024

In recent news, BABYMONSTER Ahyeon, a member of YG Entertainment’s girl group BABYMONSTER, recently addressed the nickname “Little Jennie” that fans have given her due to similarities with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

In a roundtable interview celebrating their debut, Ahyeon expressed her admiration for Jennie and her determination to live up to the title while finding her own artistic identity.

She also shared insights into her recovery process after a hiatus due to health issues. Ahyeon’s comments reflect her gratitude for the support she’s received from fans and her commitment to growing as an artist within the industry.