BABYMONSTER Makes Unexpected Appearance in ILLIT’s Behind Video? Netizens React

In episode 3 of ILLIT’s vlog, released on May 29, Belift Lab, a subsidiary of HYBE, behind-the-scenes moments of the group during M!Countdown were revealed.

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What caught the most attention was a moment when BABYMONSTER—also present at M!Countdown —were practicing their vocals, which could be heard in ILLIT’s waiting room. Although it only lasted a few seconds, this moment immediately went viral. 

Under the video, many comments debated whether BABYMONSTER, recognized for their talent, were diligently practicing their vocals while getting their makeup done. Meanwhile, ILLIT—embroiled in controversies over live singing—were busy taking photos and “creating content” backstage.

Watching BABYMONSTER’s behind-the-scenes vlog from M!Countdown, it was clear that not just one member, but many members like Rami, Asa, Ahyeon, and Rora, were practicing singing and rehearsing before going on stage. This stark contrast prompted netizens to compare the skills and dedication of the two rookie groups from HYBE and YG.

ILLIT, a five-member group formed from the survival show R U Next, quickly became a “monster rookie” with their debut track “Magnetic.” However, within just two months, they came under controversy due to criticisms of their live singing skills and plagiarism accusations.

Conversely, BABYMONSTER, after debuting with a seven-member lineup, also sparked mixed opinions among netizens. Many commented that their songs were outdated and their music videos copied BLACKPINK.

illit babymonster

Yet, after YG promoted their live performances, BABYMONSTER impressed with their talent in both singing and dancing. This helped their title track “SHEESH” enter the Top 10 of MelON.

Some netizens’ comments:

  • BABYMONSTER’s singing appeared in ILLIT’s vlog, truly ironic.
  • The group that needs to practice their vocals isn’t doing it.
  • Couldn’t see anyone, but their voices echoed, haha.
  • You just can’t help but compare
  • That’s why people say, if you’re talented and hardworking, no one can beat you.

Source: k14