BABYMONSTER Pharita Accused of Being Lazy on Stage

After a successful fan meeting in Japan, BABYMONSTER continued to hold a fan event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Despite being K-pop rookies, the performance of BABYMONSTER left netizens amazed, suggesting the group seemed to be holding a concert.

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However, member Pharita faced controversy for her lack of enthusiasm for dancing during performances with her group members.

A video comparing Pharita’s dance moves with other BABYMONSTER members was shared online. Specifically, at the fan meeting, aside from performing songs from their mini-album, BABYMONSTER also performed various songs by their seniors. The most anticipated performance was a dance cover mashup of 2NE1 songs. This performance was also part of the monthly evaluations for the group when they were still trainees.

However, during the dance, Pharita was criticized for being less enthusiastic and lazy in her movements compared to the other members. While the other girls spun their heads vigorously, Pharita’s moves were seen as lackluster. This wasn’t the first time she faced such criticism. Previously, at the fan meeting in Japan, Pharita’s dance was also deemed similarly lackluster.

Some netizens expressed disappointment in Pharita, saying that as a rookie, she should not display such a lackluster attitude on stage. However, fans defended her, suggesting that Pharita might have a medical condition preventing her from performing vigorous head movements. They noted that at both the Japan and Jakarta fan meetings, as well as on the show “Knowing Brothers,” Pharita consistently performed head turns gently and avoided vigorous shaking like the other members.

Despite this, fans highlighted that throughout the performance, Pharita did not miss a single move, even the smallest ones. Therefore, they speculated that Pharita might be experiencing vertigo, preventing her from performing head-banging movements with full force.