BABYMONSTER Reveals Their Music Tastes: From IU to TLC

On July 10th, BABYMONSTER guested on MBC Radio’s live broadcast of “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” as a whole group.

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On the broadcast, DJ Kim Shin-young said, “I fell in love with BABYMONSTER after listening to their live performance. I kept telling others to ‘look at Baemon’”, expressing special affection for the girl group.

In fact, BABYMONSTER is receiving favorable reviews for their outstanding live performance compared to other girl groups of the same generation. Kim Shin-young then asked BABYMONSTER members about the music that made them develop the dream of becoming singers.


Chiquita said, “Olivia Rodrigo is my role model”, while Rora shared, “I grew up listening to IU’s OST for the animation ‘My Dream Patissiere’”. Rami surprised everyone when she said, “I’ve been performing on stage since 7Princesses. It was like a festival for kids”.

Ahyeon showed off her unique music taste as she named world stars such as Rihanna and Snoop Dogg. Pharita liked Ariana Grande’s music, while Asa confessed, “I’ve been listening to TLC and Britney Spears’ songs since I was 2 years old”. Kim Shin-young exclaimed upon hearing the mention of TLC.

Kim Shin-young then emphasized, “Later on, there will be international fans who say they listened to BABYMONSTER’s ‘Forever’ when they were young. Even now, many people are already loving you guys. I’m sure many people will fall in love with Baemon”.

BABYMONSTER also presented a perfect live performance of their new song “Forever” and drew admiration from radio listeners.