BABYMONSTER Stylists Slammed For Dressing Ahyeon Inappropriately: ‘She’s Still A Minor…’

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BABYMONSTERS’s stylists are drawing flak after Ahyeon was dressed inappropriately.

Recently re-debuted on April 1, 2024, with “SHEESH,” BABYMONSTER is known as a group where the members are notably young. While their oldest member is 22 years old, their youngest is just 15 years old. With four members still minors, many fans have grown protective of them, wanting to protect them from creeps.

This is why Ahyeon’s stage outfit has garnered backlash. Keep on reading for all the details.

BABYMONSTER Stylists Draw Flak For Styling Ahyeon Inappropriately

On April 18, 2024, BABYMONSTER performed their debut song, “SHEESH,” on Mnet’s “M Countdown.” Soon after the girl’s performance went live, netizens flooded to social media platforms and South Korean online community forums to discuss the girl’s outfits.

Due to the group’s girl crush concept, it was noted that their outfits are usually dark and short. This is especially troubling due to the girls’ young ages. However, it was Ahyeon’s outfit during their latest stage that sent netizens over the edge.

During their Mnet stage, Ahyeon was dressed in a black and red skirt and tube top. Upon further inspection, it was noted that she did not have transparent straps to prevent the tube top from falling.

BABYMONSTER Stylists Slammed For Dressing Ahyeon Inappropriately: 'She's Still A Minor...'
BABYMONSTER Stylists Slammed For Dressing Ahyeon Inappropriately: ‘She’s Still A Minor…’
(Photo : Nate Pann)

This proved difficult for Ahyeon, who was seen adjusting her top several times while the girl group performed.


The stylist garnered backlash for dressing Ahyeon in an outfit that is uncomfortable to dance in. Additionally, since Ahyeon is only 17 years old, people believe her outfit is too provocative and have slammed the stylist for dressing them in a way that can captivate creeps.

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Some comments read,

  • “Ahyeon is still a minor. This is bad.”
  • “They should dress the group in something that’s extra stretchy or a shirt that won’t siip.”
  • “Ahyeon dances so powerfully that there are a few instances where her top slipped. I watched the video, and while her shirt is not low-cut, it is not secured well.”
  • “Her clothes are pretty, but the problem is how they’re not secured.”

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BABYMONSTER Recent Activities

BABYMONSTER is gearing up for their first fan meeting tour. They are slated to visit five countries: Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

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On April 1, 2024, BABYMONSTER made their official re-debut with their debut extended play, “BABYMONS7ER,” and its lead single, “SHEESH.” The album includes their previous releases, “BATTER UP” and “Stuck in the Middle,” re-recorded to include all seven members.