Bada Lee’s ‘Smoke’ Dance Challenge Goes Viral: IVE Ahn Yujin, ITZY Yeji, Ryujin, More Steal Spotlight!

K-pop idols are now tuning in to the “Smoke” dance challenge trend, which was choreographed by “Street Woman Fighter 2” contestant and BEBE leader Bada Lee.

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Here’s what people are saying about their covers!

IVE Ahn Yujin, ITZY Yeji, Ryujin, BTS V Amaze Fans With ‘Smoke’ Dance Challenges from Choreographer Bada Lee

The dance challenge is setting the internet on fire!

“Street Woman Fighter 2” became the talk of the town, with the program featuring eight dance crews competing for the grand prize through a vicious dance competition. One crew, BEBE, made headlines for their skills and most of all, because of their leader, Bada Lee.

During the show’s Class Mission, Bada’s choreography for “Smoke,” sung by Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji, was chosen as the assigned direction for the Leader Class’s performance video.

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(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_dance)


The choreography went viral online and even caught the interest of several K-pop idols, who decided to take the dance challenge head-on.

On September 13, the attention of netizens was caught by IVE’s leader Ahn Yujin, who pulled off the dance moves.

Watch her dance challenge below:

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment’s fourth-gen representative ITZY also joined in the fun. On their official TikTok account, Yeji and Ryujin showcased their dance moves for “Smoke.” The idols flaunted their performance that matched the swag of Bada Lee’s iconic choreo. Watch their amazing dance cover here:

@itzyofficial 땡덩 #SmokeChallenge #스모크챌린지 가 도착하였습니다 #ITZY #MIDZY #YEJI #예지 #RYUJIN #류진 Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi) – Dynamicduo & Lee Young Ji

MIDZYs (ITZY’s fandom) were understandably stunned by the two members, given how strong ITZY’s dance line is due to the group having three main dancers, which are Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryoung.

Fans commented how shocked they were by how much Yeji and Ryujin resembled Bada Lee’s vibe. Since ITZY also focuses on the teen crush concept, strong hip-hop moves are also included in their specialty when it comes to choreography.

Read their comments below:

  •  “Bro, my jaw dropped when I saw Ryujin and Yeji dancing Bada Lee’s choreography!”
  •  “Ryujin also said on Bubble that Yeji’s dance style is similar to Bada Lee and that Yeji watches Bada Lee a lot!”
  •  “I agree with the people saying Ryujin is giving Bada Lee vibes.”
  •  “Oh I love how Yeji executed the original choreo that Bada made.”
  •  “Ryujin is the literal definition of swag.”
  •  “ITZY is just proving all the time that they’re the hardest dance line the K-pop game’s ever seen.”

Also on September 13, BTS V impressed ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) with his striking dance moves together with renowned dancer, GOF. However, apart from their performance, they were also accompanied by none other than Bada Lee herself, the original choreographer!

Bada Lee's 'Smoke' Dance Challenge Goes Viral: IVE Ahn Yujin, ITZY Yeji, Ryujin, More Steal Spotlight!

(Photo : pannchoa)

See the full video here:

Fans commented:

  •  “Bangtan will always be Bangtan.”
  •  “Wow, seriously amazing. Taehyung just needs one intense choreography and it’s game over.”
  •  “Bada is really good at pulling off this vibe.”

Were you also impressed with their “Smoke” dance challenges? Tell us in the comments below!

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