Bae Suzy Gets Honest About the Smoking Scenes in Netflix’s ‘Doona’: ‘That’s part of it’

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Bae Suzy, Yang Se Jong, and director Lee Jeong Hyo greeted the audience during the press conference for Netflix’s “Doona.”

Showcasing her head-turning beauty in an all-black outfit and chemistry with her co-star, the singer-actress talks about her experience filming the series and taking on the role of Lee Doona.

Bae Suzy Talks About Challenges Playing Lee Doona

During the press conference, Bae Suzy was asked if she had trouble playing the character of Lee Doona, especially in the smoking scenes.

Doona Press Conference

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

According to the actress, she finds it “more exciting than difficult. “

“There were a lot of smoking scenes in the original webtoon, so the director was very worried about that part,” she said, as obtained by a media outlet, adding, “That’s part of it. Cigarettes are also an important device to express the character Doona.”

Amid this, Bae Suzy said that she was thrilled to start the project and was happy that she chose to join the series.


(Photo : Netflix)

“But I was excited when I chose the project because I thought that that part could be presented in a new and different way than before,” the actress furthered.

Based on the webtoon “A Girl Downstairs,” Lee Doona is the lead vocalist of a famous K-pop girl group; however, amid her fame, she decides to step away from her glamorous celebrity life and leave the music industry.

Unfortunately, the decision led her to face harsh realities.

Living a different life, she is staying at a building where she met her neighbor, a college student named Lee Won Joon, played by Yang Se Jong.

Their unexpected friendship led to a complicated yet beautiful romance.

‘Doona’ Director Praises Bae Suzy, Yang Se Jong for Perfectly Portraying the Characters

Doona Press Conference

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Doona Press Conference

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Helmed by “Crash Landing on You” and “Romance is a Bonus Book” director Lee Jeong Hyo, he commended Bae Suzy for her dedication to the role.

According to him, the actress never once showed that she disliked her character.

“When we talked about casting, Suzy was the person that came to mind,” he said, as obtained by a different outlet.


(Photo : Netflix )

As for Yang Se Jong, the director also suggested that he play the role of Lee Won Joon.

Moreover, he said that he felt the character’s innocence and being ordinary when he saw Yang Se Jong and was happy when he accepted the offer.

The director of “Doona” also explained the importance of the on-screen chemistry of the actors, especially in romance K-dramas.

“When working on a romantic drama, there are things that come out on set that are bigger than the feeling you see in the script. A lot of things come from chemistry,” he said, adding that he let Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong talk to build rapport and connection with one another.

Clearly, this technique translated into how amazing the trailer and teasers are, as viewers could already feel the chemistry between the two.

“Doona” release date is set to hit Netflix on October 20, with a total of nine episodes for the whole season.

It will be released in 190 countries exclusively on Netflix.