Bae Suzy Shares Surprising Reason Behind Her Hime Haircut in ‘Doona’

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Bae Suzy dishes on the reason why they went for the trendy hime haircut for her role in “Doona.”

During her appearance in Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel’s segment “Lookbook,” the singer-actress highlighted the importance of styling for her character, Lee Doona.

Bae Suzy’s Outfit in ‘Doona’ is Hint At Situations She Encounters

In the webtoon-based K-drama, Bae Suzy played as the former lead vocalist of a K-pop group, who left the spotlight at the height of their fame. She then decided to live in a shared apartment, where she met college student Lee Won Joon, played by Yang Se Jong.

According to Bae Suzy, one thing that viewers would notice was Lee Doona’s styling, which varied depending on the situation she was in.

“Considering Doona’s situation, changing her style to suit it is one of the points to watch for.”

For example, she often wore a cap so people wouldn’t recognize her in public easily, as well as headphones to showcase her past career.

Bae Suzy

(Photo : Bae Suzy Instagram)

Bae Suzy

(Photo : Bae Suzy Instagram)

According to Bae Suzy, the director told her to turn off the headphones but revealed that she would secretly listen to music.

Interestingly, there was an obvious change in styling that started since Lee Doona started paying attention to Won Joon.

As mentioned by Bae Suzy, Doona started wearing colorful dresses and cute clips to look good for him. Also, this was Doona’s way to look somewhat ordinary for Won Joon.

From Bae Suzy’s Most Memorable Scene in ‘Doona’ to Her Hime Haircut

When asked about her unforgettable scene in Netflix’s “Doona,” the actress said that it was the date scene on Wolmi Island.

“I’ve always fantasized about going on a date at an amusement park,” she said, adding that she sees it as fun and romantic at the same time.

One of the questions asked to Bae Suzy was about her decision to get a trendy haircut.

Popular among K-pop stars, it is a type of hairstyle that features straight, usually cheek-length sidelocks and a frontal fringe, while the rest of the hair is usually worn long.

As explained by the actress, originally, the webtoon character had bangs, but Bae Suzy has done this hairstyle often.


(Photo : Netflix)

Instead of going for full bangs, they’ll decide to bring out Lee Doona’s unique personality through a different and trendy hairstyle.

“Since Doona is not a person with a general personality, I wanted to try a hair that’s a little unusual,” she said, adding, “That’s why I challenged myself, and I decided to make the final decision because it fits well with Doona’s image.”

The Netflix series is Bae Suzy’s follow-up project after “Anna.”

Directed by Lee Jeong Hyo of “Crash Landing on You,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Romance is a Bonus Book,” “Doona” also stars Park Se Wan, Ha Young, Kim Do Hwan, and more.