Bae Yoon Jung’s Critique of ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’: “Embarrassing Incidents of Rudeness”

Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung calls for better etiquette on ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’

On September 22nd, choreographer Bae Yoon Jung left her thoughts on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2‘.

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Bae Yoon Jung’s channel ‘Bae Yoon Jung TV’ released a video titled ‘Street Woman Fighter 2 Has Begun? Street Woman Fighter 2 Review. It’s Fierce.’

Bae Yoonjeong

Bae Yoon Jung raised her eyebrows and said, “Is this how they edit? Can I say this?” She continued, “These actions are actually embarrassing. ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ has become famous, and people from all over the world are watching it, but there is too little etiquette. We should compete while respecting and acknowledging foreign friends.”

Bae Yoonjeong

She went on, “The production team may want to select a lot of participants, but if they act too recklessly, it may appear impolite, and foreigners might think, ‘Is this how all Koreans are?’ I felt ashamed. These friends might also feel embarrassed when looking at themselves.” She requested dancers to behave with manners.

‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ is a program that depicts the real survival of female dance crews. Season 2 started airing in August. Controversies over manners and racial discrimination arose as conflicts of opinion among participants occurred during the battles. Bae Yoon Jung played an active role as a special judge in ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’.

Source: sports chosun