BamBam Recalls Special First Meeting with Hwasa, Reveals They Grew Apart Afterward

BamBam reminisced about a past incident involving Hwasa, who was his neighbor

On September 15th, Sandara Park and BamBam appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show’. BamBam revealed, “I lived next door to Hwasa for about 4 and a half years.”

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Special DJ, comedian Kwak Beom, asked, “Has Hwasa ever saved your life, BamBam?” To which BamBam began to tell the story, “That’s right. When the veranda door of the house I used to live in closed completely, you had to open it from the outside.”

BamBam continued, “On a holiday, I was outside on the veranda happily grilling mushrooms by myself.” He added, “After eating them all, I tried to go back inside, but the door wouldn’t open,” recounting the situation at the time.

He then explained, “Hwasa and one of her dancer friends happened to be at home, so I called the dancer and asked for the house’s passcode and begged to be saved.” BamBam revealed, “So, even though it was our first meeting, Hwasa came into the house and opened the door for me.”


Kwak Beom exclaimed, “Meeting for the first time, she even entered someone else’s veranda.” To this, BamBam responded, “We weren’t really close even before that. But after that incident, we grew apart.”

BamBam added, “I wasn’t in a good condition either, but Hwasa was very composed.”

When asked if he grilled mushrooms as a repayment to Hwasa, BamBam joked, “I had already eaten them all.”

On this day, BamBam also shared news about his first solo world tour. The concert, ‘2023-2024 BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52],’ will begin in Seoul on September 16th and BamBam will later meet fans in five countries and five cities, including Manila, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok.

Meanwhile, BamBam continues his connection with Hwasa, inviting her as the first guest on his solo web entertainment talk show ‘Bam’s House 2’ and shooting a video together for Hwasa’s digital single ‘I Love My Body.’

Source: daum