Bang Si Hyuk Reveals a Joyful Dinner Gathering with BTS’s Jungkook and TXT

Bang Si Hyuk has shared a video of a dinner gathering where BTS Jungkook and TXT gathered

On September 13th, Bang Si Hyuk posted a short video on his Instagram story. The video captures the cheerful atmosphere as Bang Si Hyuk, Jungkook, and the members of TXT enjoy a dinner gathering after the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

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They are seen having a great time, showcasing their warm and friendly interactions.

Bang Si Hyuk mentioned Jungkook, “There are spoilers. It’s amazing,” and added, “Today’s stage was mind-blowing. LOL” and “Happy birthday, Yeonjun-ssi.” 

Meanwhile, Jungkook won “Song of the Summer” at this year’s MTV VMA with his solo song “Seven.” He became the first Korean soloist to win in this category. TXT won the “Push Performance of the Year” award.

Source: nate