Bang Si Hyuk’s Alleged Partiality Towards LE SSERAFIM Over NewJeans Sparks Controversy

Allegations of preferential treatment within the K-pop industry have surfaced once again, this time centered around Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of HYBE Corporation.

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Netizens have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns over what they perceive as favoritism towards one of HYBE’s girl groups, LE SSERAFIM, over another, NewJeans.

The controversy stems from observations made by fans regarding Bang Si Hyuk’s involvement with the two groups. While the HYBE founder has been notably absent from any events related to NewJeans, he was seen personally attending LE SSERAFIM’s pop-up store.

Witnesses reported that Bang Si Hyuk not only visited the store but also purchased a substantial amount of merchandise, even going so far as to transport the items himself in his personal vehicle.

Bang Si Hyuk
Bang Si Hyuk
(Photo : theqoo)

Fans noted that Bang Si Hyuk’s visit occurred on the fourth day of LE SSERAFIM’s pop-up store, a gesture that many interpreted as a significant display of support for the group. Despite the absence of the members at the time, Bang Si Hyuk’s presence alone was enough to draw attention and spark discussions among netizens.

This isn’t the first time allegations of preferential treatment have arisen within HYBE’s roster of artists. Netizens drew parallels to the classic tale of Cinderella, painting NewJeans as the neglected stepsisters in comparison to the favored LE SSERAFIM.

Comments online reflect a sense of frustration and disappointment towards what some perceive as unfair treatment towards certain artists within the company.

Gasp, Bang Si Hyuk is currently at the pop-up shop,
Gasp, Bang Si Hyuk is currently at the pop-up shop,” /theqoo
(Photo : theqoo)

Furthermore, netizens have highlighted the historical relationship between HYBE and Source Music, the former home of GFRIEND, suggesting a pattern of collaboration and favoritism across various projects and groups associated with the labels.

Online reactions have been swift and varied, with many expressing disappointment and disbelief at Bang Si Hyuk’s alleged actions. Some questioned the necessity of such hands-on involvement from the CEO, while others speculated on the underlying dynamics within HYBE and its affiliated labels.

Here’s what netizens are saying:

  • ” So I guess LE SSERAFIM was HYBE’s princesses all along.”
  • “WOW, this is totally Cinderella and her stepsisters LOL.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be great to be good to all your artists?”
  • “Doesn’t he have staff? Which CEO goes to that extent?”
  • “BigHit and Source Music were one since a long time ago. Back then, 8Eight also belonged to BigHit and Source Music. They also made GLAM together, and most of GFRIEND were trainees from BigHit. There were many rumors that the companies were helping each other out. Source Music was also the first label to be absorbed by HYBE.”
  • “He’s really doing the role of a sponsor. They suit each other.”
  • “Legendary LOL.”
  • “Did all the age he gained go to his belly?”

Comments from netizens ranged from humorous comparisons to fairy tales to more serious reflections on the dynamics of power within the K-pop industry. Despite the diversity of opinions, the consensus among netizens appears to be a call for fairness and equality in how artists are treated and supported by their management.