Bang Si Hyuk’s mansion in LA looks like this

Bang Si Hyuk’s mansion in LA looks like this

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I think he should treat BTS well..

1. Wow, I know he has a lot of money, but seeing this, he’s f*cking rich

2. Wow I’m so jealous

3. Wow Bang Si Hyuk is amazing

4. Please treat BTS well…

5. Is there any prediction about Bang Si Hyuk’s wealth? I’m really curious

6. Doing something like that with BTS was not easy but he did it

7. Please treat BTS well, Big Hit… HYBE ^^^

8. This is a house I saw in an American real estate documentary or something

9. He needs to take good care of his health to live a long life

10. Wasn’t there an article saying he bought it a long time ago?

11. He needs to treat BTS well

12. Is he alone there?

13. Bang Si Hyuk, please treat BTS well

14. I’m really jealous of Bang Si Hyuk’s life

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