BAP To Return With Highly-Anticipated Documentary + BABYs In Tears Over Group’s Update

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On June 11, an online thread titled “B.A.P Is Coming Back” was established by netizens.

The group, who debuted on January 26, 2012, with first-ever single “Warrior” is one of the most prominent acts during the early third generation.

However, the group’s journey hasn’t been easy for both of the members and fans, as they faced settlement issues and mistreatment from their former agency TS Entertainment.

Eventually, on February 18, 2019, the members ended their contracts with TS Entertainment. While it’s not explicitly stated the group had disbanded, the members went with their separate ways and pursued different paths.

But fans were delighted to receive an upcoming content from the group. On June 12, agency MA Entertainment released a teaser titled, “Man on the moon,” which is a documentary starring B.A.P members Moon Jongup, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, and Bang Yongguk.

Unfortunately, fans noticed that the youngest member Zelo wasn’t able to join the documentary due to his ongoing military service.

“To all the fans who have waited patiently, we’re finally together. As much as you’ve supported us all this time, we’ll show you how much we’ve grown musically. We hope you’re looking forward to it and we’ll see you soon.”

To affirm their love to fans, the video ended with a heartwarming note “Again together with B.A.B.Y.

Watch the clip here:


Here’s how fans reacted to the news:

  • “I’m crying, what happened to this group was a shame.”
  • “Wow daebak. I was still listening to B.A.P’s songs lately and I was wishing they’d come back! Let’s chew over the music industry.”
  • “So, they can use their name?”
  • “Crazy. Are they going to perform at a concert?”
  • “I’m crying in the morning.”
  • “Oh, the fans must love it.”
  • “Well even if Zelo isn’t here, I’m excited! I support BAP (minus Himchan). I do hope they come back for another after.”
  • “Too bad Zelo can’t join them, he’s really influential in B.A.P’s sounds & performances. But at least they’re all still in a good term. I’m so ready for this.”
  • “I used to be such a huge stan from their music to their variety shows everything was so good. I’m looking forward to this.”








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