Bbaek Ga: “My Ex-Girlfriend, a Currently Active Singer Who Sings Emotional Music, Didn’t Return Any of Luxury Items She Borrowed From me


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On that day, a listener shared their story, saying, “After breaking up with my boyfriend, I found many of his belongings left at my place. There were quite a few items that needed to be returned. It’s awkward to ask him to take them back when he was the one who suggested breaking up first. What should I do?”

On the same day, Bbaek Ga revealed, “My ex-girlfriend initially suggested sharing my sunglasses, bag, and other items. Then we broke up. She knew I wouldn’t ask for them back.” He exposed, “In the end, she didn’t return any of the borrowed items.”

Bbaek Ga added, “She mostly borrowed luxury designer brands,” and said, “She even took my luxury camera from brand L and the best iPod at the time.”

Particularly, Bbaek Ga disclosed that his ex-girlfriend is still active, saying, “She’s dating someone else now, and she’s still using my camera. She’s someone who plays emotional music.” This sparked curiosity.


-Why are there so many ignorant thieves who borrow things but refuse to return them?

-Are you here, person in question? Those who borrow stuff and don’t return them are basically thieves. It’s better not to date such people.

-That’s amazing. You have to be shameless to be able to do that.

-If you broke up, shouldn’t you return everything before even asked? It wasn’t even given as a gift; if it was shared, then it’s not yours.

-This is why you shouldn’t lend things. If you lend something, you should return it; a word can turn the lender into the bad guy, just like in this case.

-Thief. Returning something you borrow should be common sense.

-If you borrowed it, you should return it; if you don’t, isn’t it theft?

-That’s just wrong.

-This is crazy; I hope she returns it after seeing this.

-I wonder who that is?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It would be funny to see someone like that making sentimental music with such a lowly attitude; if it were me, I’d feel embarrassed and just send it back by delivery. 

-It’s not even a gift, I wonder why she hasn’t returned it to him. Why borrow your boyfriend’s stuff in the first place?ㅋㅋㅋ Buy it yourself

-If you borrowed something, it’s obvious you should return it without being asked.

-Hurry up and return it, beggar…

-Beggarly behavior.