BBC UK Covers Karina Issuing an Apology for Her Dating News


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A K-pop star has issued a grovelling apology after incensed fans accused her of “betrayal” – because she has a boyfriend.

The fans reportedly drove a truck to pop star Karina’s agency after finding out she was dating actor Lee Jaewook.

“Is the love given to you by your fans not enough?” an electronic billboard on the vehicle demanded.

Overall, the article seems to take a somewhat condescending tone, viewing the overall trend of dating bans in the entertainment industries of Korea and Japan as simultaneously intriguing yet regressive.


-Seriously, what a disgrace to the country…

-These idiots, seriously.


-It’s okay for our country to be disgraced due to this backward culture.

-In the West, when celebrities date, people talk about it, but they don’t go crazy like this, they just don’t apologize… This news makes it seems like only Korean fandoms go crazy over idol datingㅋ
 ㄴOnly in Korea would fans send protest trucks like that, and this is the only place where celebrities apologize for being in a relationshipㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Korea’s fan culture is a mess.

-Sending protest trucks is really annoying. Just because someone has money, they shouldn’t just send stuff like that; it’s disgusting. Instead of making a fuss about dating, just quietly leave the fandom. I’m a fangirl myself too, but I admit that Korea’s fan culture is too severe.

-With the rise of protest trucks, all sorts of strange fans are exposed.

-What a disgrace…

-If they hadn’t caused trouble and not sent trucks, Karina wouldn’t have apologized, right? 

-It seems like the situation got worse because of the apology.


-It was Chinese fans who sent the truck, right? Chinese, please send trucks in Chinese. Koreans immediately catch on to the translation tone and know it’s from a Chinese person, but foreigners think it’s from a Korean because it’s in Korean.

-It’s ridiculous. Seriously.