‘Beauty and Mr. Romantic’: Passionate Kiss Between Im Soo Hyang & Ji Hyun Woo’s Characters Sparks Tension

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The latest stills from KBS2’s “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” offer a glimpse into the evolving dynamics between the lead characters, Im Soo Hyang and Ji Hyun Woo.

Following a heartfelt confession from Do Ra to Pil Seung in the previous episode, viewers are eager to witness the aftermath of their passionate kiss.

 Im Soo Hyang  and Ji Hyun Woo
Im Soo Hyang and Ji Hyun Woo
(Photo : m.entertain.naver)

Excitement and Turmoil

As Do Ra and Pil Seung reunite on set, contrasting emotions paint the scene.

Do Ra’s expression brims with excitement, her eyes reflecting the euphoria of their intimate exchange.

However, Pil Seung appears conflicted, his demeanor betraying inner turmoil.

A Struggle of Emotions

Engaging in conversation, tensions simmer beneath the surface as Pil Seung grapples with unresolved feelings towards Do Ra.

Despite attempts to maintain indifference, his cold demeanor only deepens Do Ra’s anguish, leading to an emotionally charged exchange.

With tears welling up in Do Ra’s eyes, the stage is set for a compelling exploration of love’s complexities.

As audiences await the next episode, the question lingers: will Do Ra and Pil Seung’s romance withstand the trials ahead, or will external forces tear them apart?

Here’s what viewers are saying:

falls in love with young Pil Sung at first sight.

An unusual first meeting. 

Park Do Ra is Lim Soo-Hyang’s best character. She gets to play a not so nice person. lmao 

Very quickly Do Ra falls for Pil Seung/Dae Chung again. I mean it’s only ep 9. 

I can’t take it with Do Ra’s mom. She’s worse than Hyo Sim’s mom! On the verge of dropping this coz there are like 90% unlikable characters. Ouch! 

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Join the journey of “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” as the saga of Do Ra and Pil Seung continues to captivate viewers.

Tune in to KBS2 this weekend to witness the spellbinding tale of love and redemption unfold.

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