Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Kim Ji Won & Lee Min Ho Resurfaces, Stirs Emotions Online

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Recently, a touching behind-the-scenes clip from the beloved drama ‘The Heirs’ has reemerged, on X drawing attention and stirring emotions among fans.

This clip captures a poignant moment involving Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ho, and Park Shin-hye.

In the clip, viewers witness Kim Ji-won’s heartfelt apology and tears after an unintended mishap with Lee Min-ho on set. Park Shin-hye’s comforting words, “Look at me,” resonate deeply as she consoles Kim Ji-won, showcasing the genuine camaraderie among the cast.

Netizens Reflect on the Cast’s Genuine Bond

Netizens flooded social media with nostalgic comments, reminiscing about the youthful spirits of the actors and the authentic bond shared on the set of ‘The Heirs.’ 

One netizen remarked, “Kim Ji-won’s sincerity touched our hearts, and Park Shin-hye’s support was truly heartwarming.”

Here are other comments:

They are all babies … They treat me like a senior and it is heartwarming …

What is Park Shin-hye that makes people’s hearts flutter lol After all, you’re also 24 

… You’re cute and exciting haha

Park Shin-hye and I have good chemistry… Why does it make my heart flutter when she holds my face while looking at me?

It’s okay, I have to hit him again hahahahahahahaha

Jiwon Kim is so cute hahaha

Wow, she’s really young, she’s cute hahahaha Park Shin-hye’s age difference isn’t much, but she’s a senior, so it’s cool that she gets used to it and comforts her hahahaha

Yurahel seemed like a really evil girl back then, but now when I watch this drama, I find it so cute and adorable haha.

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