‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 10: Lee Min Ki Discovers New Leads Making His Investigation Complicated

Amid the ongoing investigation, things got complicated as Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) discovered new possible suspects in “Behind Your Touch” episode 10.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 10: Moon Jang Yeol Warns Bong Ye Bun About Kim Sun Woo

“Behind Your Touch” episode 10 began with Moon Jang Yeol rushing to Kim Sun Woo’s (Suho) workshop and spotted him walking towards Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) with the knife. When he intruded into the room, the detective saw Sun Woo preparing to cut the apple.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Sun Woo then asked him how he found his workshop and later gave a reason. The detective used the opportunity to confront the young part-timer of his whereabouts during the elections.

Sun Woo then bluntly asked Jang Yeol whether he suspected him as the culprit. The atmosphere went awkward and Jang Yeol dragged Ye Bun to leave.

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Moon Jang Yeol warned Bong Ye Bun to not trust Sun Woo as he is their primary lead, but she confirmed that he’s innocent.

The following day, Ye Bun and Ok Hee talked about the killer.

Gwang Sik & Bong Ye Bun Discover Shocking Truth About Mr. Cha

Dok Hee said that if the mysterious psychic is the murderer, then the reason he has left Ye Bun unharmed was because he would come for her loved one’s first.

This made Ok Hee panicked as she might be the next target.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Elsewhere, Jang Yeol called Gwang Sik and Ye Bun for a meeting and discussed the possible assumptions about the killer.

Meanwhile, Won Jong Mok (Kim Hee Won) uncovered something about the previous program scam, which Mr. Cha is connected with.

Moon Jang Yeol learned about the upcoming festival and made Gwang Sik and Ye Bun arrange a plan for them to lure the villagers and read their minds.

To make it easier, Ye Bun convinced the Shaman MacArthur to set up a fortune booth where she would read people’s memories by touching their backs.

Behind Your Touch Still

(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

During the festival, Bong Ye Bun, Ok Hee, and Gwang Sik prepared for their tasks. At the fortune booth, Ye Bun read Jong Mok’s memory where he received a case file from her grandfather. She also read her aunt’s back and viewed a memory of her late mother.

Kim Sun Woo, Mr. Cha & the Shaman Become Primary Suspects

As their investigation continues, Moon Jang Yeol gets highly confused as he thinks either Kim Sun Woo or Mr. Cha is the culprit. With the help of Ok Hee, Ye Bun was able to read Mr. Cha’s memory and saw her mother sitting unconscious inside a car. She wondered why Mr. Cha lied about her mom’s death.

Ye Bun told Jang Yeol what she saw from Mr. Cha’s memory. The detective got more confused as the shaman was also seen in the scene, which gave them three leads.

Gwang Sik was able to read the shaman’s memory and discovered that Sun Woo was the man standing near the pillar that night. Jang Yeol wonders who among the three could be the serial killer as the three were all in the same place at the same time.

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