‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 11: Han Ji Min Suspects Lee Seung Joon Has Involvement in Her Mother’s Death

Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) was disturbed by Mr. Cha’s (Lee Seung Joon) memories and his lies about her mother’s death in “Behind Your Touch” episode 11.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 11: Moon Jang Yeol Tries to Prove Kim Sun Woo is the Killer

In “Behind Your Touch” episode 11, Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) suspected that Kim Sun Woo (Suho) was the serial killer. However, due to lack of evidence, he collected more solid proof before putting him behind bars. 

Behind Your Touch Still

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The detective interrogated him and had an awkward conversation. Meanwhile, Bong Ye Bun remained disturbed after reading Mr. Cha’s memories. It made her think of the real cause of death of her mom.

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Won Jong Mook (Kim Hee Won) proceeded with Mi Ok’s (Ye Bun’s mother) case and discovered that the former committee chairperson had gone missing. He also learned that the chairperson woman had a son.

Bong Ye Bun Gets Suspicious of Mr. Cha

Mr. Cha visited Ye Bun’s grandfather and had a normal conversation with him. When he left, Ye Bun asked him about her mother’s need to end her life, to which he explained that Mi Ok was depressed, took tablets, and kept saying fake scenarios.

Behind Your Touch Still

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This made her skeptical, as it differed from what she saw from his memories.

As the truth came to light, Ye Bun’s grandfather, Mr. Jung, told Hyun Ok that her sister didn’t die by suicide, which shocked her.

Elsewhere, Jang Yeol observed Sun Woo and after securing the latter left the house, the detective trespassed and found a photo of young Sun Woo taken near a beach in Mujin. Unfortunately, during his search, the Shaman caught him, but he understood as Jang Yeol suspected Sun Woo.

Gwang Sik Fails to Read Kim Sun Woo’s Memories

Meanwhile, Gwang Sik followed Sun Woo to his workshop and informed him about his plan to Jang Yeol. The detective warned him not to risk it, but he insisted.

Gwang Sik took the chance of the sleeping Sun Woo touching his leg. However, when he was about to touch his leg, the young man woke up, which made Gwang Sik fall miserably and got hurt.

Behind Your Touch Still

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After giving Gwang Sik first aid, Sun Woo let him go and left, even though he and Jang Yeol saw him as a prime suspect.

Kim Sun Woo found Ye Bun drinking Soju alone by the seaside and accompanied her. The two had a heartfelt conversation about their mothers and how they missed them.

After their meeting, Sun Woo escorted her home. Jang Yeol saw them and warned Ye Bun again about Sun Woo.

Behind Your Touch Still

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But she proved Sun Woo’s innocence, she reasoned that he could empathize. He still didn’t believe her reasoning but ended up comforting her, whom he found feeling down and unwell.

Won Jang Mook & Hyun Ok Dig More About Mr. Cha’s Past

The following day, Hyun Ok and Jang Mook discovered the postponement of the redevelopment plan, in which Mi Ok was involved. Adding to that, all the land was owned by Mr. Cha.

Later on, Mr. Cha met Ye Bun’s grandfather at Mi Ok’s grave and had a chilling and intriguing conversation with him.

During his investigation, Jang Yeol learned that Sun Woo dropped out of college after Mr. Cha’s seminar at the university. On the other hand, Jang Mook and Hyun Ok learned about the chairperson’s woman and her son’s condition from a landlady.

Back in Mujin, Ye Bun followed Mr. Cha to his office and she saw the figure of the killer standing behind him with the knife.