Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Recap and Review: Ye-boon Finally Sees the Evil Serial Killer’s Face!

Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Recap and Review: The new South Korean thriller rom-com Behind Your Touch (힙하게) directed by Kim Suk-Yoon and written by Lee Nam-Kyu, stars prominent actors like Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki, EXO’s Suho, Joo Min-kyung, Yang Jae-seong, Park Sung-yeon and others. The series is produced by JTBC, Tving and Netflix.

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The series follows the lives of a kind veterinarian and a grumpy detective. Bong Ye-boon (Han Ji-min) is a veterinarian who has psychic abilities. She can see the past of any person or animal when she touches their rear end. On the go, she meets Detective Moon Jang-yeol (Lee Min-ki) and gets intertwined in cases. Jang-yeol is demoted to the rural village Mujin due to being a terrific hothead back in Seoul. To return back to the city, he seeks Ye-boon and starts uncovering various cases. However, their fate changes when Kim Sun-woo (Suho) arrives at Mujin and works at a grocery store. Though he seems kind and polite, he has deadly mysteries behind him.

Han Ji-min was last seen in Our Blues (2022), Lee Min-ki’s previous hit was My Liberation Notes (2022), and Suho’s last ventures were Besties in Wonderland (2022) and Suho Hurdle (Since 2022).

– Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Review Contains Spoilers –

Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Recap

Jang-yeol fixes that Sun-woo is the serial killer but due to a lack of evidence, he decides to collect more solid proof before arresting him. When they try to make him sit on the fortune booth, the viewers see that Sun-woo has the ability to scan things (it’s not entirely proven that he is psychic but through the way he looks at things and understands the consequences, we assume he can see through). When Jang-yeol interrogates him, they both have an awkward conversation.

Ye-boon remains disturbed after reading Mr. Cha’s memories. She wonders why her mother died by suicide when she was a bold woman. Jang-mook proceeds with Mi-ok (Ye-boon’s mother) case and learns about the committee chairperson who went missing. He also learns that the chairperson woman had a son (Sun-woo) whose name he is still unaware of.

Mr. Cha visits Ye-boon’s grandfather and has a normal conversation with him. When he leaves, Ye-boon asks him about her mother’s need to end her life to which he says she went through depression and was taking tablets. He also tells her that he didn’t see her for months before she died. This strikes Ye-boon because when she read his memories, she saw him near her mother the day she died.

Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Recap Still 2
A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Inside the house, Ye-boon’s grandfather tells Hyun-ok that her sister didn’t die by suicide, startling her. That night, Jang-yeol watches Sun-woo leaving his home. He then breaks into his home and finds a photo of young Sun-woo taken near a beach in Mujin. He hears the Shaman coming in and gets caught. The Shaman understands that Jang-yeol broke into the house as he suspects Sun-woo. Meanwhile, Gwang-sik follows Sun-woo to his workshop and informs him about his plan to Jang-yeol.

Jang-yeol asks him to not risk it, but Gwang-sik tries to touch Sun-woo’s leg because he has fallen asleep inside the workshop. Right when he was about to touch his leg, Sun-woo opens his eyes making Gwang-sik fall down and get hurt. At the hospital, Jang-yeol sees another patient and bawls his eyes out before realising it’s not Gwang-sik.

Gwang-sik tells about how he got hurt. Sun-woo understands that Jang-yeol and Gwang-sik are suspecting him but he lets it go and leaves. Sun-woo finds Ye-boon drinking soju alone by the seaside and joins her. When Ye-boon talks about her late mother, Sun-woo states that he does miss his mother despite being angry with her for leaving him alone. Ye-boon comforts him. He then walks her home and leaves. Jang-yeol catches Ye-boon and warns her not to trust Sun-woo.

Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Recap Still 5
A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Then when Ye-boon presses about Sun-woo’s innocence, she reasons that he can empathise. Jang-yeol also says he can empathise with people but utterly fails at it. But in the end, he pats Ye-boon’s shoulder to comfort her, and the two share a peaceful moment. The next day, Hyun-ok and Jang-mook find out about the stopped re-development plan in which Mi-ok was involved. They learn that all the land is owned by Cha. At the same time, Cha meets Ye-boon’s grandfather at Mi-ok’s grave and has a chilling conversation with him.

On the same day in Seoul, Jang-yeol learn that Sun-woo dropped out of college right after Cha’s seminar at the university. On the other side, Jang-mook and Hyun-ok learn about the chairperson woman and her son’s condition (Sun-woo) from the landlady. They learn how poor she was and how she left her son and went missing. The landlady also shares with them how she had to send the little boy to the children’s home after his mother failed to return.

In Mujin, Ye-boon follows Cha to his office. She then finds the killer standing behind Cha with the knife. The killer is none other than the Shaman.

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A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Behind Your Touch Episode 11 Review

The episode is hilarious and super interesting. So much information regarding Mr. Cha’s involvement in both Sun-woo and Ye-boon’s mothers’ lives is abstractly shown. Definitely, he is the main villain who might also be the serial killer. The Shaman is not the serial killer because showing a main character in a simple way shows that it’s just a method to end the episode with a cliffhanger.

Definitely, the Shaman would also have some beef with Mr. Cha that he would have decided to kill him. The serial killer might be a new character as well but most definitely someone we all know but couldn’t suspect.

Jang-yeol and Ye-boon’s chemistry is blooming but her vibe with Sun-woo is surely much better. Hopefully, we will see more romance between Jang-yeol and Ye-boon. The comedy aspect is present and it makes the series entertaining. Be it Ok-hee, Jang-mook, or Hyun-ok, all supporting characters are doing a brilliant job.

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A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Behind Your Touch is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts about the thriller drama in the comment section below.

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