‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 12: Han Ji Min Devastated After Losing Her Grandfather

While collecting information to use against Mr. Cha, Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) was devastated by the sudden death of her grandfather in “Behind Your Touch” episode 12.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 12: Moon Jang Yeol & Bong Ye Bun Learns More About Mr. Cha’s Fraud

After confessing, Bong Ye Bun learned that the Shaman wanted to kill Mr. Cha as he was the reason for his parents’ death. Despite the tension, Ye Bun was able to calm him not to do anything that would harm him or others.

Due to the consecutive reports about Mr. Cha, Ye Bun gathered more information about the redevelopment fraud that cost lives including her mother’s.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Meanwhile, after crossing paths multiple times, Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) and Jang Mook sat down to collect the information they had. The conversation revolved around Kim Sun Woo (Suho) and suspecting him as the killer.

Ye Bun requested Jang Yeol to check on the vehicle accident file from 2005 as she wanted more info about her mom. Mr. Cha’s assistant overheard it and informed him about it.

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The next day, Jang Yeol found it and visited the spot where the accident happened. Ye Bun joined him and the detective told her how everything given in the reports aligned due to Mr. Cha’s testimony.

Bong Ye Bun Devastated How Mr. Cha Used Her Mother for Election

She arrived home and saw that Mr. Cha was talking with her family members and she all got a negative feeling from him. Through her pet’s memories, Ye Bun saw how Mr. Cha manipulated her grandfather. She then confronted her grandfather about Mr. Cha and her mother’s death but asked her not to meddle.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Ye Bun went out to clear her mind. Jang Yeol found her and gave her comfort. She then went to Ok Hee’s house to sleep and revealed Mr. Cha’s suspicious acts. Her friend then planned to get Mr. Cha drunk and later on succeeded.

Ye Bun was able to see his memories but was devastated to know that Mr. Cha drugged her mom and only used her for fame and money.

Elsewhere, Kim Sun Woo caught Jang Yeol following him.

At the police station, Jang Yeol discussed with Jang Mook and came up with a theory that all the victims betrayed people and this could be why Sun Woo killed them.

Jang Mook was skeptical as Sun Woo didn’t know their stories, but Jang Yeol believed that he had psychic power, he would have known.

Bong Ye Bun’s Grandfather Dies

Dok Hee called Jang Yeol to report that Sun Woo left early. This made him panic and rushed to Mr. Cha’s office only to find out he was dead and Ye Bun’s grandfather was also lying in his blood on the ground with the knife.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Moon Jang Yeol visited Sun Woo at his workshop and tried to argue with him to know his whereabouts when the killing occurred.

Ye Bun, on the other hand, rushed to the hospital to visit her grandfather and tried to read his memories but declined out of fear.

In the news, the media claimed that her grandfather was the culprit which made Ye Bun and Hyuk Ok worry. Jang Yeol explained to Ye Bun that her grandfather was not the killer since he has Parkinson’s.

This revelation shocked her and realized her grandfather indeed loved her but due to his illness, he suffered to express himself.

She then visited her grandfather and shared a moment before he passed away. Before the episode concluded, the police arrested the Shaman as the new suspect, confusing the viewers.