‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 13: Han Ji Min Finds the Farm Owner Suspicious

Despite helping her and Mujin’s policemen, Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) found Gwang Sik (Park No Sik) suspicious and added him to the list of suspects as the serial killer in “Behind Your Touch” episode 13.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 13: Search for the Serial Killer Continues

In “Behind Your Touch” episode 13, Moon Jang Yeol assisted the newly-assigned patrol team and proved that Ye Bun’s grandfather, Mr. Jung, is not the killer.

At the funeral service, Shaman MacArthur cried his heart out and Gwang Sik found him suspicious.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Elsewhere, the cops began searching for Kim Sun Woo (Suho) since he had been missing after Assemblyman Cha’s death. After a long search, they failed to find him and suspected him as the serial killer.

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However, just in time, Kim Sun Woo appeared at the funeral service and mourned Mr. Jung’s death. He also opened up about searching for his mother. Ye Bun confronted him and Jang Yeol watched them from a distance.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cha’s fraudulent issues were released with evidence, damaging his reputation.

Gwang Sik went to the Shaman’s house and touched his leg. He rushed to Jang Yeol and told him about seeing Shaman MacArthur at Assemblyman Cha’s office a few days back holding a knife.

Bong Ye Bun Proves Kim Sun Woo, Shaman Are Innocent

Another officer overheard their conversation and immediately arrested the Shaman. Gwang Sik’s statement against the Shaman made the case about the killer stronger.

However, Jang Yeol strongly felt that Shaman MacArthur was innocent.

Behind Your Touch Still

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To make things easier, Ye Bun revealed her power to the Mujin cops and they plotted a plan to make her read the Shaman. When she did, Ye Bun found him innocent.

Later on, Jang Yeol confronted Sun Woo and agreed to be read by Ye Bun. She also found him innocent and learned that he helped her grandfather to go to the Assemblyman’s office.

Moon Jang Yeol got more confused after he learned that Sun Woo and the Shaman were innocent. He tried to come up with a theory against Sun Woo, but Ye Bun assured that he was innocent.

Bong Ye Bun Finds Gwang Sik Suspicious

The following day, Ye Bun went for the house call and Kim Sun Woo escorted her and shared a beautiful moment. At Gwang Sik’s house, Ae Ran revealed that Gwang Sik told her about her psychic power.

Behind Your Touch Still

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She asked Ye Bun to read her memories since she had forgotten where she kept Gwang Sik’s ring. When she was about to touch Ae Ran’s back, Gwang Sik acted weirdly and stopped her. This confused Ye Bun, which made her begin suspecting Gwang Sik.

Ye Bun went to Jang Yeol and asked him what if Gwang Sik had been lying all the while. The duo wondered if Gwang Sik was creating stories with his power.

The two also believed that there actually might not be a third psychic.

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