Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Recap and Review: Is the Serial Killer Finally Found?

Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Recap and Review: The new South Korean thriller rom-com Behind Your Touch (힙하게) directed by Kim Suk-Yoon and written by Lee Nam-Kyu, stars prominent actors like Han Ji-min, Lee Min-ki, EXO’s Suho, Joo Min-kyung, Yang Jae-seong, Park Sung-yeon and others. The series is produced by JTBC, Tving and Netflix.

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The series follows the lives of a kind veterinarian and a grumpy detective. Bong Ye-boon (Han Ji-min) is a veterinarian who has psychic abilities. She can see the past of any person or animal when she touches their rear end. On the go, she meets Detective Moon Jang-yeol (Lee Min-ki) and gets intertwined in cases. Jang-yeol is demoted to the rural village Mujin due to being a terrific hothead back in Seoul. To return back to the city, he seeks Ye-boon and starts uncovering various cases. However, their fate changes when Kim Sun-woo (Suho) arrives at Mujin and works at a grocery store. Though he seems kind and polite, he has deadly mysteries behind him.

Han Ji-min was last seen in Our Blues (2022), Lee Min-ki’s previous hit was My Liberation Notes (2022), and Suho’s last ventures were Besties in Wonderland (2022) and Suho Hurdle (Since 2022).

– Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Review Contains Spoilers –

Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Recap

Jang-yeol assists the newly assigned patrol team and proves that Dr. Jung (Ye-boon’s grandfather) is not the killer. At the funeral service, the Shaman cries his heart out and Gwang-sik finds him suspicious. He immediately leaves with Ae-ran. The Mujin police start their search for Sun-woo since he has been missing right after Cha’s death. The cops fail to find his whereabouts and suspect him as the serial killer.

However, just in time, Sun-woo joins the funeral service and mourns Dr. Jung’s death. He also opens up about how he went to check an unidentified body in search of his mother. Ye-boon comforts him and Jang-yeol watches them two from a distance. Meanwhile, Cha’s fraudulent issues are released with evidence, defaming him. This upsets his assistant.

That night Gwang-sik casually goes to the Shaman’s house and touches his leg. He then rushes to Jang-yeol and tells about seeing the Shaman at Cha’s office a few days back, holding the knife. Another officer overhears this conversation and immediately arrests the Shaman. Gwang-sik witnesses against the Shaman and the case becomes strong. However, Jang-yeol strongly feels that the Shaman is innocent.

Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Recap Still 1
A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Ye-boon then reveals her power to the Mujin cops and they devise a plan to make Ye-boon read the Shaman. When she reads, she finds him innocent. Later, Jang-yeol confronts Sun-woo and he agrees to allow Ye-boon to read his memory too. She finds him innocent and also learns that he helped her grandfather go to Cha’s office. Jang-yeol becomes perplexed after learning that both Sun-woo and the Shaman are innocent. However, he comes up with a theory that Sun-woo could have manipulated his memories so that Ye-boon would read only those he wished to show her.

Ye-boon, nevertheless, strongly says that Sun-woo is innocent. They prove the Shaman’s innocence and get him out safely. The next day when Ye-boon goes for the house call, Sun-woo drops her and they both share a beautiful moment. At Gwang-sik’s house, Ae-ran reveals that Gwang-sik told her about her psychic power.

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Ae-ran asks Ye-boon to touch and read her memories since she’s forgotten where she kept Gwang-sik’s gold ring. When Ye-boon goes to touch Ae-ran’s back, Gwang-sik acts weirdly and stops her. This confuses Ye-boon which also strikes her something. She visits Jang-yeol and asks him what if Gwang-sik has been lying all the while. She and Jang-yeol wonder what if Gwang-sik was creating stories with his power. They also believe that there actually might not be a third psychic. The episode ends with Gwang-sik wearing the green poncho, going to Cha’s office on the day of the murder.

Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Recap Still 2
A still from the series “Behind Your Touch”

Behind Your Touch Episode 13 Review

The thirteenth episode literally poses so many potential killers and it’s such a mystery that is yet to be unfolded. Though now Gwang-sik is the main possible villain, what if Sun-woo really is a psychic with manipulation powers? What if someone else is the killer and Gwang-sik is being framed for the killings? What if Ae-ran is the killer and Gwang-sik is protecting her? So many questions emerge and the answers will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

The romance aspect between Jang-yeol and Ye-boon hasn’t started and there are only 3 more episodes to go. However, Ye-boon’s chemistry with Sun-woo is extremely high and I wonder whether they both will end up. Whatever it is, the series is excellent and interesting.

Behind Your Touch is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts about the thriller drama in the comment section below.

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