‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 14: Suho Dies After Saving Han Ji Min From the Serial Killer

Despite the wrong accusations, Kim Sun Woo (Suho) protected Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) from the serial killer and died instead of her in “Behind Your Touch” episode 14.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 14: Moon Jang Yeol Gets Glimpse of the Serial Killer

In “Behind Your Touch” episode 14, Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) and Bong Ye Bun rushed to Gwang Sik’s house to check on him and learned from Ae Ran that he had gone out for something.

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The detective escorted Ye Bun going home and advised her to stay and call Ok Hee and stick along. Jang Yeol continued searching for Gwang Sik and came across the serial killer. The chase began and he understood that the killer was not Gwang Sik. Though he failed to catch him, the detective got a glimpse of the killer’s identity.

Back at Ye Bun’s house, injured Gwang Sik came and tried to give a hint about the killer. He said black before dying.

Jang Yeol rushed to Kim Sun Woo’s (Suho) home and searched on his place. He spotted blood on Sun Woo’s hands and tried to accept he was the culprit. He asked the detective for a search warrant and evidence, the latter then warned him and would prove him guilty.

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Ye Bun and Jang Yeol talked about Gwang Sik’s last words. The detective then revealed that the killer must have blackouts as that’s what Gwang Sik would have tried to tell.

Jang Yeol elaborated that the killer can kill even though their eyes are closed. He again requested Ye Bun to stay away from Sun Woo.

Kim Sun Woo Happy & Comfortable With Bong Ye Bun

However, Ye Bun decided to meet Sun Woo to check on him again. They met at the park and Sun Woo asked her to check his memories again because he didn’t want her to suspect him.

Ye Bun assured him that she trusted him. She shared details about the culprit and them being psychic.

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Jang Yeol, Jang Mook, and Dok Hee tried to do the blackout tricks but failed to know the exact method. When Jang Mook checked Gwang Sik’s body, the team learned that the killer’s skills had gotten better.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo and Ye Bun got closer as she believed in him. He felt more comfortable around her since she was the only one who trusted him.

Seeing them made Jang Yeol ask Ye Bun to date him if she wanted to date someone, which irritated Ye Bun.

Kim Sun Woo Sacrifices Himself to Save Bong Ye Bun

Before he left for Seoul, Jang Yeol ensured Ye Bun to stay locked in the police station cell for protection. But was able to escape and went home. Ok Hee then informed Jang Yeol about Ye Bun’s escape and returned immediately to Mujin.

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That night, Ye Bun received a call from Sun Woo and went to see him. At the workshop, he saw her with the Shaman and immediately closed the toolbox, giving Ye Bun’s suspicion. She then had the chance to open the toolbox and saw the knife.

When she went to escape, Sun Woo ran behind her with the knife.

Suddenly a person wearing a poncho appeared in front of her.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Sun Woo indeed was not the killer. He ran behind Ye Bun to save her and asked her to escape.

Sun Woo then fought with the serial killer. When Ye Bun returned, Sun Woo was already dead.