‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 16: Did Han Ji Min & Lee Min Ki Solve the Murder Case?

Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) and Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) joined forces for the last time to bring peace to Mujin in “Behind Your Touch” episode 16.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 16: Shaman Trades Moon Jang Yeol for His Freedom

In “Behind Your Touch” episode 16, Bong Ye Bun bravely kept a knife near the Shaman’s neck and dragged him out of the police station. She demanded Moon Jang Yeol to drive the car and run away from the detectives.

It was revealed that Ye Bun acted that way on command of the Shaman as he promised to reveal Ok Hee’s whereabouts if he got free from the station.

Behind Your Touch Still

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The trio went to an isolated area and had a short confrontation.

Unfortunately, before they can even find Ok Hee, Jang Yeol’s enemy Baek Sun Gil came with his gang and attacked the detective.

Since the Shaman had read Jang Yeol’s memories, he contacted Sun Gil and made a deal.

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Behind Your Touch Still

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The Shaman was able to escape through the arranged boat going to China, while Jang Yeol was taken away to a mad doctor and Ye Bun stuck to evade the other gang members. She followed Jang Yeol’s instructions and was able to save the detective.

Jang Yeol then single-handedly fought with Sun Gil’s men and made him surrender.

Bong Ye Bun & Moon Jang Yeol Arrest the Shaman

Dok Hee, Jang Mook, and Ok Hee’s backup friends joined forces to search for her. Luckily, Kim Young Myeong was able to locate Ok Hee and saved her in time.

Meanwhile, Ye Bun and Jang Yeol stuck with Sun Gil to catch the Shaman.

Behind Your Touch Still

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The next day, through Ye Bun’s powers the duo made a secret move to locate the Shaman. Unfortunately, he began to stab random strangers as a threat message. Later on, the Shaman met Ye Bun and took her hostage.

Before he could escape, Jang Yeol came and was able to execute a plan and successfully arrested the Shaman.

The duo solved the mysterious murder case and the town of Mujin returned to normal.

Mujin Village Returns to Normal

Jang Mook fixed his wedding with Jung Hyeon Ok and rekindled their love for each other.

Moon Jang Yeol then concluded his service in Mujin and finally left for Seoul, but missed the bus to stay for Ye Bun.

The two had a warm conversation and he asked her to meet him when she visited Seoul. Eight months later, Ye Bun became a rising television star known for her insane skill of communicating with animals.

Bong Ye Bun & Moon Jang Yeol’s Romance Interrupted By Riot

After the show, she met Jang Yeol and spent time together. Due to his busy schedule, Ye Bun asked him if she could help him would he spend more time with her.

Another romance sparks between them and Ye Bun instantly went to the women’s prison and was assigned to read their memories.

Behind Your Touch Still

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She complained to Jang Yeol for putting her in such a position. She tried her best to be close with them but almost ended up in chaos. Before a woman could hurt her, Jang Yeol came and protected Ye Bun.

He asked for more details about the woman’s memories, and Ye Bun shared it. She was startled when Jang Yeol said that her job was done and they should finally go on a date.

The woman interrupted during the romantic scene.

The finale episode ended with Ye Bun and Jang Yeol running away from the group of thug ladies.