‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 9: Is EXO Suho the Serial Killer?

With Gwang Sik’s help, Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) connected the dots and suspected Kim Sun Woo (Suho) as the serial killer in “Behind Your Touch” episode 9.

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‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 9: Bong Ye Bun Tricked by Ji Suk’s Kindness

In “Behind Your Touch” episode 9, the Mujin Residents gathered to vote for the election. They asked Kim Sun Woo who he would vote for, and told in front of Assemblyman Mr. Cha that he had not found any right candidate yet.

Behind Your Touch Still

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At the police station, Moon Jang Yeol freed Gwang Sik and Ae Ran and let them off with a fine. Ji Suk, Ae Ran’s friend, went to Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min) and asked her friend’s whereabouts. She revealed she was safe at the police station.

The coffee shop owner found Ae Ran and dragged her back to the shop. Gwang Sik yelled at Ye Bun for telling Ji Suk about Ae Ran’s place. This made Ye Bun upset as she thought Ji Suk was sincerely worried about her friend.

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Bong Ye Bun confronted Ji Suk and shared how anxious she was for Ae Ran. However, she was furious as Ae Ran left knowing that if any one of the two girls went missing, the other one had to clear off that person’s debt too.

Serial Killer Targets Ji Suk Next

Amid the conflict, Ye Bun got drunk at a nearby shop and met Sun Woo. They had a conversation about trust and people, to which the young man told her to not trust anyone.

She insisted and got tipsy and fell. Sun Woo placed his palm under her forehead so she wouldn’t get hurt.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Ye Bun had a vision of her mother’s death but was shocked to see Ji Suk was there as the victim. She immediately woke up and ran away.

Kim Sun Woo returned and discovered Ye Bun was missing. He checked on her phone and sensed something.

The psychic went to Ji Suk and had a conversation. She accompanied her in distributing the delivery only to leave Ye Bun in an isolated place.

Bong Ye Bun walked toward the road and found Ji Suk’s bike on the ground. She caught a firefly and read its memories to know Ji Suk’s place.

She followed the path and saw the serial killer stabbing Ji Suk. She pushed him away and saved Ji Suk. They hid in a secluded place.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Ye Bun told Ji Suk to stay and went out to ask for help. She crossed paths with the residents and avoided their touch as one of them might be the other psychic.

However, she was touched by many as they checked up on her bloody face. She met Jang Yeol and told him about the incident. They went to Ji Suk only to find out that she was stabbed to death.

She was devastated and talked with Jang Yeol about the culprit. They both realized that the killer might be a psychic.

However, it was hard for them to name the murderer.

Moon Jang Yeol Suspects Kim Sun Woo as the Serial Killer

The next day, Mr. Cha visited Jong Muk and told him to ensure that the serial killer news didn’t hit the press.

Behind Your Touch Still

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Elsewhere, the duo asked for Gwang Sik’s help in finding the culprit. He then read Ye Bun’s memories hoping to find a lead.

Later on, he described the suspicious man’s appearance. When Gwang Sik and Jang Yeol met Sun Woo, they felt all the description of the suspicious man fits him.

The detective checked the convenience store and learned Sun Woo was not on duty during the elections, and he was suspected of being out during the killing.

Jang Yeol asked Ye Bun’s whereabouts, but she lied to him as she was at Sun Woo’s workshop. He panicked while at the shop, Sun Woo picked up a knife and walked towards Ye Bun.

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