“Behind Your Touch” Episodes 11 and 12 Heighten Puzzling Probe On The Town’s Serial Killing

More clues add to the intrigue of Behind Your Touch on its 6th week. However, more murders keep happening in the town of Mujin.

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Narrowing down the suspects, the police struggle to connect the motives and disregard the alibis of the possible culprits.

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Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch Episodes 11 and 12 Highlights

While Jang-yeol’s team ponders on the result of their investigation which points to the probability that Seon-woo is the possible culprit.

Something in her vision bugs Ye-bun seeing Assemblyman Cha has a memory of her mother.

The next day, Hyeon-ok is also bothered by her discovery of her father’s secret investigation of her sister’s death which was shared with Jong-muk. Later, she learns from her father that her sister did not commit suicide.

Gwang-sik who wants to help Jang-yeol ends up in an accident by following Seon-woo at his workshop. It caused him injury to his hands which made him unable to use his power.
Ye-bun also meets Seon-woo while she is having a quiet moment remembering her mother. She learns how Seon-woo’s mother is a native of Mujin and how he has unresolved issues with her as well.

Hyeon-ok and Jong-muk worked together to investigate the information from Ye-bun’s mother and learned about a redevelopment program that did not push through.

Mujin residents end up selling their land to Assemblyman Cha except for one person who shared the information that makes Assemblyman Cha an evil opportunist who fooled the citizens.

Heading to Assemblyman Cha’s office, Ye-bun sees Shaman MacArthur holding the signature knife of a serial killer. She halts his plan and learns how he has been praying for misfortune to befall on the evil politician but nothing bad ever happened to him. His father was one of the victims of the redevelopment scam so he harbors resentment towards Assemblyman Cha.

Jang-yeol and Jong-muk find each other suspecting the same person and agree to change the information. Jong-muk reveals Seon-woo is the son of the head of the complaining Mujin residence who disappeared while Jang-yeol shares Seon-woo is a probable suspect in the recent killings. However, he can’t back it up since his source came from the psychometric powers of Ye-bun.

Visiting his daughter, Grandpa Jung throws Assemblyman Cha’s flowers and realizes late that he was there with him. Both on a silent understanding of what really happened to Mi-ok, they keep pretending they are on good terms. Grandpa Jung was dropped by Assemblyman Cha who surprisingly asked Ye-bun to hold him.

“Sometimes people say hurtful words they don’t actually mean.”

Learning from his aide about Ye-bun meeting Jang-yeol, Assemblyman Cha visits Hyeon-ok and his father. Ye-bun arrives and clarifies she is not dating Jang-yeol.

In a private conversation, Assemblyman Cha warns Grandpa Jung. Thanks to Ye-bun’s pet, they came in time but the old man still refuses to communicate with Ye-bun. He also spills his disappointment at how her daughter could have lived if only she did not marry Ye-bun’s father.

Awkwardly comforting Ye-bun, Jang-yeol tells her to use her power to know what Grandpa Jung truly feels. However, she responds by feeling scared of what she will discover.


Stalking on Seon-woo, Jang-yeol got confronted so he asked another team member to do it instead.

Then, Assemblyman Cha was found dead with Grandpa Jung on the scene presumed to be the main suspect. With her recent visions proving her grandfather can be indeed the killer, Jang-yeol convinces Ye-bun to believe in Grandpa Jung and to use her powers to know what really happened. He tells her that her grandpa has Parkinson’s disease making it impossible for him to strike or even hold a knife.

Rushing to the hospital, Ye-bun glimpses her grandfather’s memories that show his furtive fondness for her as he stares at her with his last breath of life.

Behind Your Touch Episodes 11 and 12 Musings

Puzzles continue to arise in Behind Your Touch as two contenders to the mysterious culprit were also murdered. This makes the circle of the remaining suspects small.

We knew that Grandpa Jung’s coldness to Ye-bun springs from his self-inflicted guilt following his daughter’s death and knowing he could have done better.

On the bright side, we love how Ye-bun and Jang-yeol connect to a meaningful level by providing comfort and encouragement. Especially on Jang-yeol’s side who seems to be fitting in well to the small town he hated before. It won’t be surprising if he stays in the town after cracking the serial murder case.

The truth about the redevelopment scheme that Assemblyman Cha pushed as ordered by then-Assemblyman Yoon came to light as a key event that tangles the possible culprit to the motivation of his killings.

Right now, there are a lot of people to suspect but the narrative is highlighting Seon-woo or Shaman MacArthur. We can even get a surprise that it could be a different person.

Take a rest every weekend by visiting the lively town of Mujin and its quirky characters in Behind Your Touch. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

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